Onboarding Guide for Agency Partners

Singular's Agency Portal is currently a beta program with select agencies. The main function of the Agency Account is to allow agencies to have one login to create tracking links, set up postbacks, and see attributed installs for campaigns they run with partners who are integrated with Singular.

This guide is for agencies who have access to it. If you would like to be considered for access, contact Singular.


  • You must provide mutual advertisers transparency on the media sources you advertise.
  • Media sources you advertise cannot be SANs (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, etc.). If you are an agency managing SANs campaigns, please speak with the advertiser about setting attribution up in their Singular Advertiser Account.
  • Provide us with:
  • Advertisers must permission your agency access to create tracking links, postbacks, and have access to attribution reporting.


  • The email alias provided can not already be permissioned access to another Singular account (Advertiser account or Partner Portal). 
  • The Agency Portal only shows attributed install and in-app events for advertisers using Singular as their MMP.
  • Agency partners cannot set up a data connector from within the Agency Portal to report advertising costs from their campaigns. For advertising cost to be reported in the advertiser's account for agency-managed campaigns, agencies need to request the advertiser give Restricted User Access to their Advertiser account or add the Data Connector for the agency directly. 
  • Data Destinations also cannot be set up from the Agency Account although this option currently looks like it's available. Please talk to the advertiser to understand how you can get any user-level data exported if you require this.

Best Practices

  • Reporting Cost Data for Agency Campaigns
    • If the Advertiser has given the agency partner Restricted User Access to their Advertiser Account, the agency can add a Data Connector for each media source to pull in the advertising costs for their campaigns. Adding each Data Connector directly from a media source will pull in advertising costs as reported by the media source. It will not include any agency fees.
      • Important: If you manage campaigns for multiple advertisers using the same media account, follow the steps below to reach out to Singular for assistance in establishing a file-based integration tailored to your agency. Typically, you won't possess the appropriate credentials from your media account to selectively share data for a single advertiser when Singular has an API integration with the respective media partner.
    • Alternatively, the agency can contact Singular and request to directly integrate with Singular to send advertising cost data using a file-based integration that the agency will maintain. This would allow the agency to report advertising costs that include their agency fees.
  • Viewing ROI / ROAS or SKAdNetwork Reporting
    • The Agency Account does not support ROI / ROAS reporting, cost reporting, SKAdNetwork reporting, or the ability to have automated delivery of user-level attribution data at this time. For these additional reports, advertisers would be able to create a Shared Report that you could bookmark and have data refreshed. If you already have Restricted User Access to the Advertiser Account, the advertiser can ensure you have the reporting permissions needed to see the metrics you require. 
  • Restricted User Access
    • If an advertiser wants to provide you with Restricted User Access, we recommend that you create an email alias that your team can use to access the reporting data, such as advertiser_name@your_agency_domain.com 

Setup Instructions on Singular's Platform

Receiving Access to Advertisers' Apps

  1. Have the advertiser go to Settings > Team Management > Agencies.
  2. The advertiser should select Add agency and choose your agency from the dropdown list. If your agency does not appear in the list, contact Singular through the form in the platform (Help > Contact Us) or email support@singular.net to see if you're eligible for an agency account or if you are working with an advertiser who cannot invite agencies in their Team Management page.

Configuring a Campaign

Once your agency has been granted access to the advertiser's apps:

  1. Log into your agency account and select account> [Advertiser Account Name].
  2. Go to Partner Configuration to set up postbacks.
  3. Click Manage Links to set up the tracking links for the media sources. You can adjust attribution windows for the partner campaign, assign deep links, and choose if the campaign should use probabilistic attribution. 

Testing Tracking Links

Use our testing instructions before launching a campaign with partners to ensure measurement is working as you expect. 

To troubleshoot a test before launching a campaign, see:

Accessing Campaign Reporting

You will have access to reporting of attribution data within the Agency Portal. You will not have access to reporting of advertising cost from each media source. This currently exists only within the advertiser's Singular account.

Overview of all menu options with the Agency Portal:

  • Analytics (Reporting is based on deterministic and probabilistic attribution. No SKAN reporting is available. If you require some data that is not contained within the Agency Portal reporting, ask the advertiser to create a Shared Report for you to bookmark limited to the sources you manage for them.)
  • Attribution
  • Settings
    • Data Destinations (This feature is not available for agencies to use despite it appearing in your Agency Account at this time. Please talk to the advertiser or their Singular CSM for the best way you can receive user-level data if you require this.)
    • Events (See what events the advertiser has chosen to share with you from their Singular SDK / S2S implementation. You cannot edit anything on this page.)
    • Account Select (Change which advertiser data you want to review.)
    • Apps (See the applications configurations that the advertiser has configured and the inactivity window that is set, along with deep links available to use within a campaign.)
    • Team Management (Add/manage team members' access to view the advertiser's data.)
  • Developer Tools
    • Testing Console (See calls being made to Singular from the advertiser's SDK implementation. You can test that your install is registered. Note: This does not mean your install was attributed to a campaign.)


Learn about tracking links, postback, and about adding "passthrough parameters" to your Singular tracking links:

What is Singular's tracking link structure?

  • Tracking links built by agencies will contain an agency ID to differentiate tracking links built by an agency versus the advertiser.
  • Tracking link parameters are reserved for specific information that Singular reports on within advertisers' reports related to their campaigns. If you have additional information you want passed on the tracking link and receive on the postback that does not match a description for any of the listed parameters, use a unique parameter to pass the information on. An example could be an internal advertiser ID represented on a tracking link, such as aid=115873
  • Postback Macros are available for information that Singular collects from the advertiser's apps, campaigns, and device- and event-related information.
  • Passthrough Parameters are a way to add information to the tracking links that you wish to receive in postbacks to your own server.

Can advertisers see the media partners, tracking links, and postbacks I've set up on their behalf from my Agency Account?

Yes, Singular gives full transparency to the advertiser to see this. Below is an example of how advertisers can choose to view tracking links and postbacks created by your agency from within their Singular advertiser portal:

Tracking links visibility:

Postbacks setup visibility:


Why can't I see tracking links and postbacks that the Advertiser has already set up for their campaigns?

You will not be able to see performance reporting, tracking links, or postback configurations that have been set up from a Singular Advertiser Account. You must build the tracking links and set up the partner configurations within the Agency Account to also see performance reporting for campaigns.