Pivot Table FAQ

The Pivot page (Analytics > Pivot) provides the same reporting functionality as the Reports page but also allows you to perform advanced spreadsheet-style manipulations on the resulting table.

To learn about running reports in general, see the Reports FAQ.


What is the pivot table?

The pivot table (Analytics > Pivot) lets you run reports just like the Reports page, but in addition allows you to manipulate how your analytics reports are presented.

To use the pivot table, first run a query with the desired dimensions and metrics.

What options are available in the pivot table?
  • You can move the different dimensions to be either columns or rows.


  • You can remove or add back the different dimensions without having to run the query again. Just select the Value tab on the right-hand side. You can also remove or add back specific metrics.


How can I filter the data in the pivot table?

Play around with the filters by selecting the Filters tab on the right-hand side. Add filters for specific values or search for "great than" or "lower than".

This will help you narrow your analysis - for example, if you want to only optimize on campaigns that have received more than 5,000 impressions, or to pause campaigns that have received less than 100 installs.



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