Understand The Campaign Report

The Campaign Report page shows you a number of pre-configured widgets that contain campaign-level data. Understand how to optimize your campaign and get quick insights into your data.

The Campaign Report page is a pre-configured dashboard at the campaign level. It contains widgets designed to give you quick and meaningful insights into your campaign data from day one.

At the top of the page, select the ad network / other source of data, and then select your campaign from the Campaign dropdown.


What widgets are included in the dashboard?

This dashboard contains the following widgets:

Hierarchy Widget Name Type Dimensions Metrics
1 Totals Metric card N/A Cost, Installs, Impressions, Revenue 7d, ROI 7d
2 Clicks, Installs, and CVR over time Combined chart Date (day) Bars: Clicks, Installs
Line: CVR
3 Cost, Revenue, and ROI over time Combined chart Date (day) Bars: Revenue 7d, Cost
Line: ROI 7d
4 Subcampaign Drilldown Table Sub Campaign Name Impressions, Clicks, Installs, CVR, Cost, Revenue 7d, ROI 7d
5 eCPI by country Variwide chart Date (week), Country eCPI
6 Country Cost Drilldown Pie chart Country Cost
7 Retention Heatmap Date (day) 1d, 3d, 7d, 14d, 30d retained users
8 Publisher Drilldown Bubble chart Publisher Name, Publisher ID, or Publisher Site ID

Y-axis: ROI
X-axis: Installs
Bubble size: Cost

If your Source has multiple dimensions available, a dropdown will let you select one.


9 Creative Data Table Creative Name, Creative ID

Tracker Impressions, Tracker Clicks, Tracker Installs, CTR, Cost


Important: This widget shows data from your attribution tracker.

Singular Dashboards and Reports show data from your ad networks, which may be different.

Filters and Limitations

Can I pick my own dates for the dashboard?
Yes, you can pick your own dates using the standard date picker available with all our reports.

Can I add my own widgets to this dashboard?
No, this is a pre-configured dashboard that caters to a wide range of uses without needing you to set it up. To build your own dashboard, go to the Dashboards page. See Dashboards FAQ.

Do view restrictions still apply to restricted users?
Yes. Restricted users will only be able to see data to which they have access. Any widgets with restricted data will be empty when a restricted user views the campaign dashboard.

Why can’t I see my new campaign in the filter?
The campaign filter is updated daily. If your campaign went live today it will take 24hrs before it loads in the filter. At first you see stats for the last 30 days, but you can then modify the dates to see relevant data.