Shared Reports FAQ

Using the Share Report link in the Reports page, you can generate a link to share a Singular report with third parties. The recipient of the link does not need to have access to your organization's Singular account.

For general information about running reports, see the Reports FAQ.


The Shared Report View


How do I share a report?
  1. In the Singular platform, go to Analytics > Reports and run a report.
  2. Select Share Report.


  3. In the Shared Report window, give your report a name.
    • Optionally, you can also enter a password to make your report password-protected.
    • You can choose to let people change the date range when they view the report.
    • You can change how long you want the link to remain active. By default, the link expires after 30 days.


  4. Click Generate Link.
  5. Click Copy Link to get the link and share it.
What can the recipient of a report link see?

Clicking on a generated link leads to a view of the report in a friendly UI that resembles a limited version of the Reports page. This view lets the user filter and sort the report table, see the chart, and download the data as a CSV file.


How can I limit the risk of my data being exposed to unwanted people?
  • We recommend that you limit the data included in the report to what is absolutely necessary.
  • You can password-protect your report link to add a layer of security.
  • All report links expire after a set period of time.
  • You can deactivate any link at any point through the Shared Reports window.
Does the list of generated links include only the reports I shared or the reports shared by my whole organization?

This depends on your Singular user tier. If you are a restricted user, you can only see your own reports. If you are a standard or admin user, you can see all the reports shared by the organization.

Can I rename an existing report link?

You can't rename a report directly through the Shared Reports window, but you can generate a link to the same report with a new name:

  1. Find the report in the list of generated links and click Open Report in Singular.
  2. Once the report is run in the Reports page, click Share Report.
  3. Pick a new name for the report and generate the link.
I have created report links through the old "Create Link" button. Are they still available?
Your old reports should be visible in the "Generated Links" list under the name Report1, Report2, etc. Note that you cannot use the Open Report in Singular button on these.