Metrics and Dimensions

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Description Data Pulled from Ad Network/Attribution Tracker? (Learn more)
App The application name. Both
Source The name of the source where the data comes from. i.e Facebook. Both
OS The operating system version (IOS/Android/Windows/etc) of the app. Both
Platform The device type (iPhone/iPad/etc…) of the app. *Note: Android is not commonly identified by device type by ad networks due to the large variety of devices and screen sizes. Both
Country The targeted country. Both
Keyword The search keyword as reported by the Ad Network. Applicable to Apple Search Ads, Bing, Adwords, Yahoo, etc. Ad Network
Campaign Name
The name of the campaign. Ad Network
Sub Ad Network The name of the used sub ad network as reported by the ad network (when applicable). For example, for AdWords, this could be Youtube, Shopping, etc. Ad Network
Original Currency The currency of the campaign, as reported by the ad network. Ad Network
Account ID The account id of the campaign, as reported by the ad network (when applicable). Ex: Facebook or AdWords might have multiple ad Account IDs Ad Network
Campaign URL The reported URL of the campaign (when applicable). Ad Network
Sub Campaign Any sub-campaign name (when applicable). Also know as "Ad-Set" or "Ad-Group" for different networks. Ad Network
Status The campaign status (enabled/disabled) as reported by the network (when applicable). Ad Network
Click Type The click type as reported by the network (applicable to Google Search campaigns). Ad Network
Tracker Name The campaign name configured on the attribution tracker side, as used in the tracking link. Attribution Tracker
Campaign ID The campaign’s ID in the network. Ad Network


  Meaning Formula
CTR Click-Through Rate Clicks/Impressions
CVR Conversion Rate Install/Clicks
eCPI Effective Cost per Install Cost/Installs
oCVR Ratio of installs to impressions Installs/Impressions
eCPM Effective Cost per Mille (Effective Cost per 1000 Impressions) (Cost/Impressions)*1000
eCPC Effective Cost per Click Cost/Clicks
DAU Daily Active Users: Unique active users per day, defined sessions. Day is defined as the rolling days since the user's time of attribution. For periods of more than one day, the value will be the average of the daily active users for the selected days.
Note: This metric is available only to users of Singular's attribution service.


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