[New] SKAdNetwork Reporting FAQ

Singular is offering two new reports to analyze your SKAdNetwork data:

  • The SKAdNetwork Reports page lets you run reports on pure SKAdNetwork data, including SKAdNetwork installs and conversion values, and clearly see what data you are currently able to get from SKAdNetwork.
  • The SKAdNetwork - Combined Reports page offers reporting that combines data from your ad networks, tracker, and SKAdNetwork. This way, you can see your CPI for SKAdNetwork installs.

Note that both tools have certain limitations:

Install data is only available 1-3 days after the install due to the SKAdNetwork measurement period.

The availability of the conversion value and campaign-level data is limited as ad networks work to take full advantage of the SKAdNetwork framework.


Using the "SKAdNetwork Reports" Page

What is the "Date Type"?

Select Postback Date to run reports based on the date in which Singular received the SKAdNetwork postback from the ad network. Select Estimated Install Date to run reports based on Singular's calculation of what the app install date was (see How does Singular calculate the install date?).

What are "SKAN App ID", "SKAN Network ID", etc. in the Dimensions list?

SKAN is Singular's SKAdNetwork solution. The SKAN dimensions contain SKAdNetwork data, pulled directly from the SKAdNetwork postback. Only the name of the "Publisher" field was changed to match Singular terminology.

Singular Dimension Original Field in SKAdNetwork Postback
SKAN App ID app-id
SKAN Network ID ad-network-id
SKAN Campaign ID campaign-id
SKAN Publisher ID source-app-id
What do the "App", "Source", and "Country" fields mean? What's the difference between "App" and "SKAN App ID"?

The App, Source, and Country dimensions contain SKAdNetwork postback data, but normalized to match the rest of the data in Singular:

  • App: The app name in Singular.
  • Source: The ad network as it's listed in Singular.
  • Country: Derived from the IP that's included in the SKAdNetwork postback.
What is the "Conversion Value" dimension? How can I see the meaning/decoding of the conversion value?

At this point, the Conversion Value dimension gives you the actual value as a number between 0 and 63.

Singular is working on adding a Conversion Value Description dimension that decodes the value based on your conversion model.

What are Downloads vs. Redownloads?

Apple's SKAdNetwork postbacks include a "redownload" field. According to Apple, this is set to true if the app has already been downloaded and installed by the same user (same Apple ID). Singular marks every SKAdNetwork install accordingly as either a "download" or a "redownload".

If you don't need this distinction, select to see both.

What is the "SKAN Validation Status"?

As a part of Singular's SKAdNetwork solution, we not only receive and parse SKAdNetwork postbacks from ad networks, but also check with Apple to confirm that each postback represents an actual install. Validation ensures that installs are not fraudulent.

Why am I not seeing conversion values?

This is probably a result of Apple's privacy protection measures. To ensure conversion values can't be traced back to specific devices, Apple only includes the conversion value in the SKAdNetwork postback if a certain number of devices have the same conversion value. If you are running a small campaign, e.g., for testing purposes, you may not reach the threshold that enables you to get conversion values.

Why can't I see cost data in this report?

This report contains only data taken from SKAdNetwork postbacks - such as install information and the conversion value. Campaign costs are pulled from the ad network separately. To see the cost data, use the SKAdNetwork - Combined Reports page.

Why can't I see organic installs in this report?

This report contains data from SKAdNetwork postbacks, so it only includes SKAdNetwork installs that Apple has attributed to a network. To see organic installs, go to the SKAdNetwork - Combined Reports page and run a report that includes tracker installs.

Can I run this report through an API?

At the moment, the SKAdNetwork reports are available only through the Singular web app, but we are working on making them available via API as well. 

Using the "SKAdNetwork - Combined Reports" Page

What does the combined report offer?

This page includes not only SKAdNetwork data but also ad network data (such as cost and impressions) and "traditional" attribution data from the tracker (such as tracker installs).

Use this reporting page to:

  • See CPI and conversion rate for your SKAdNetwork campaigns.
  • Compare MMP data to SKAN data if you are running campaigns in parallel in SKAdNetwork and with an MMP such as Singular.
What is the "Date Type"?

See above.

Why are there only three dimensions? How can I get breakdown by Campaign?

The purpose of the combined reporting is to show data from three sources (network, tracker, and SKAN/SKAdNetwork). The App, Source, and Country dimensions are the only dimensions we can reliably get from all three sources. 

Currently, the Campaign ID dimension is not provided to us by ad networks as a part of SKAdNetwork data. Once we can reliably get the Campaign ID, it will be included in this reporting page.

What are Downloads vs. Redownloads?

See above.

What is the "SKAN Validation Status"?

See above.

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