Partner Integrations Glossary

What are Partner Integrations?

Singular’s attribution service offers integrations with a large number of partners, including:

  • Ad networks and agencies: These partners usually use Singular tracking links when users click on the ads the network serves, and can receive information from Singular in the form of postbacks.
  • Self-attributing networks (SANs) such as Facebook and Twitter: These partners share click information with Singular so Singular can track install attribution. Sometimes SANs can also receive postbacks.
  • Third-party analytics and affiliate platforms, BI systems, fraud analyzing services, etc.: These partners can receive information from Singular’s attribution service in the form of postbacks.

Learn more about some of our major integrations.


We use the following terms to describe integration features:

Feature Description
Click Tag The partner sends clicks to Singular by using tracking links.
View-Through The partner sends information about impressions (views) to Singular by using special tracking links and allow Singular to attribute via view-through attribution. Partners who support this are ad networks that serve impressions campaigns. 

The partner supports re-engagement campaigns for the customer. Understand re-engagement attribution and how to set it up for a campaign

S2S (Server-to-Server) In most cases, clicking a tracking link sends the user to the app store after they are redirected through Singular. In S2S partner integrated networks, the user goes directly to the app store, and the partner sends the click information to Singular server-to-server. (Singular's click is not redirecting the user to the app store, but the partner's platform is doing the redirection.)
Creatives The partner includes creatives data in campaign-level data sent to Singular.
Publisher The partner includes publisher data (data about the app or other product in which the ad was served) in campaign-level data sent to Singular.
Receiving All Installs Whether the partner supports receiving postbacks about all installs from Singular, or just about installs attributed to that partner.
For more information about the option to send all installs to a partner, see Partner Configuration.
Receiving All Events Whether the partner supports receiving postbacks about all in-app events, or only about in-app events following installs that were attributed to that partner.