Ad Fraud
Attempts to deceive advertising platforms with fake engagement activity. Learn more.
Ad Monetization
The process of earning revenue by showing ads in your mobile app. Monetization may happen via campaigns based on impressions, clicks, conversions, or more. Learn more.
The process in which an ad network or attribution provider credits an install or conversion to a marketing means, such as an ad click. Learn more.
Attribution window
A time period during which an attribution decision can be reasonably made. Attribution windows are configurable and are often 7 days. Learn more.
Click-through Attribution
The process of attributing conversion to a preceding ad click. This method only credits the ad that is clicked and ignores impressions.
A group of users that share a conversion date i.e. who installed an app on the same date.
Conversion Models
A mapping model of specific post-install activity to different numbers so that a SKAdNetwork conversion value conveys as much information as possible. Learn more.
Conversion Value
A single number between 0 and 63 provided in an SKAdNetwork postback to indicate the value of an install and any post-install activity. Learn more.
Data Governance
Systems, rules, and processes for large organizations to manage large quantities of data.
A process Singular performs to fill in gaps in your network or tracker data using available context.
Estimated Data / Interpolation
When certain metrics from network data are unavailable in the same granularity as tracker data, Singular interpolates these metrics proportionately. Learn more.
A process of combining your network and tracker data along matching dimensions. Learn more.
Mediation Platform
A service that optimizes performance across ad networks by searching for the best inventory and opportunities.
A "mobile measurement partner" is a service that helps brands and apps measure marketing campaign performance across all their sources and channels. Learn more.
Network Data
The performance data that is reported by your ad network. This includes upper-funnel metrics such as impressions, clicks, and cost.
A notification that Singular sends to a customer about an install (including attribution decision), user sessions, and post-install events. Learn more.
The action of changing the attribution to a different source from the original one. In Singular, this can happen in cases of re-engagement. Learn more.
When the user clicks on a retargeting ad that leads them to open an app that they have already used before. Learn more.
A type of mobile marketing that targets existing users of an app or other product, and aims to get them to re-engage with the product. Learn more.
A "self-attributing network" makes ad attribution decisions without the use of 3rd-party MMPs (mobile measurement partners).
An Apple framework for mobile app install attribution that preserves the user's privacy. Learn more.
Source (Ad Network)
The networks through which you find ad slots for your apps. E.g. Facebook, Google AdWords, and Unity.
Tracker Data
The performance data that is collected by your attribution tracker. This includes lower-funnel metrics such as installs, post-install events, and revenue.
Unified Dimensions
Data characteristics, such as Source or App, that are available in both the network data and tracker data.
Unified Metrics
Data points of interest, such as Installs or ROI, that are available in both the network data and tracker data.
View-through Attribution
The process of attributing conversion to a preceding ad view, even if the ad wasn't clicked. This is because ad impressions may have contributed to that conversion.
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