Campaign Properties: FAQ and Troubleshooting

Campaign properties are a special group of dimensions in Singular reporting that represent various settings and metadata of an advertising campaign, such as bid type, bid amount, or whether the campaign is live or not.

These are typically settings you can view and edit in your ad network’s dashboard, but the network doesn’t provide a historical view of what settings you had at different times in your campaign.

To fill this gap, Singular is taking a snapshot of the campaign properties every day, and saving it with the day’s date.

This way you can view the campaign properties in your Singular reports, just like you view other dimensions.



Why I don't see campaign properties for some networks?

Campaign properties are only available for some networks. See What networks does Singular pull campaign properties from? and Campaign Properties Data Mapping.

Why I don't see campaign properties for some campaigns?
  1. Make sure the campaign is in a network for which Singular supports campaign properties.
  2. Check whether you see other ad network data in the same row, such as Cost. If not, it means the row you are looking at only shows data that comes from the attribution tracker - this happens when Singular is not able to match tracker data to ad network data to show you the full row for an app or campaign. For more information about network vs. tracker data, see Reports FAQ: Which metrics are taken from the ad network and which from the tracker (attribution provider)?
Why I am getting values for Standardized Bid Type/Strategy but not for Bid Type/Strategy?

There are several situations in which this can happen:

  • Google Ads campaigns: Google Ads has a setting called Bidding Strategy Type, which Singular pulls into the Bid Type dimension and maps it to Standardized Bid Type

    But we also use the same setting, Bidding Strategy Type, to deduce our Standardized Bid Strategy. In this case, the Bid Strategy dimension in Singular is not populated (because the Bid Type dimension already contains the answer to how we know what the Standardized Bid Strategy is).

  • Apple Search Ads campaigns: The “bid strategy” in Apple Search Ads is always “max”, so there is no specific setting we pull this information from. For Apple Search Ads, the “Standardized Bid Strategy” dimension always has the value “Max” and the Bid Strategy dimension is empty.
Why am I seeing multiple bids for the same sub-campaign?

This means one of two things:

  • You’re pulling data for a time period in which you had more than one bid. For example, you are pulling data for a month and you changed bid settings in the middle of that month.
  • Or, you are pulling data by sub-campaign but we have bids on a more granular level. For example, we have publisher-level bids and the sub-campaign includes more than one publisher.
Why are my Bid Amounts surprisingly high?

In some cases, if your bid strategy is based on a bid cap (max bid), the dollar amount of that bid may be set very high.


What can you use campaign properties for?

With campaign properties, you can:

  • See all the bid changes made by a UA team
  • Determine the effectiveness of a bid change: Did it perform as expected? Did the number of impressions change?
  • Analyze your bidding strategies: Which bid types and strategies are more effective at driving ROI? Which campaigns have the most bid changes?
What networks does Singular pull campaign properties from?

Singular’s campaign properties support the following networks:

  • Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Facebook
  • AdColony
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Tapjoy
  • TikTok for Business
How often does Singular pull campaign properties?

Singular pulls campaign properties every day at 2 a.m., your local time. The properties are given the date of the previous day and saved to our database.

Are campaign properties available in the Singular API?
Yes - you can pull campaign properties from the reporting API just like any other dimension. See the API Reference for details.

Dimensions and Granularity

What does each dimension mean?
Dimension in Singular Web Platform
Dimension in Singular API
Standardized Bid Type standardized_bid_type
The method by which the bid is set up: ROI (ROAS), CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA, or CPCV.
Bid Type bid_type This dimension contains the original data that we pulled from the ad network to deduce the Standardized Bid Type.

To see exactly which setting we pull from each network and the logic we use to standardize it, see Campaign Properties Data Mapping.
Standardized Bid Strategy standardized_bid_strategy The bid strategy for the campaign:
  • Manual: A fixed bid you determined in advance, e.g. $7 per install or $8 per action.
  • Target: Bidding based on a target bid amount, e.g. $7 CPI, as used in Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Max: Bidding based on a maximum bid amount (e.g. in Facebook when your choice is “Lowest Cost with Bid Cap”). If this is your Standardized Bid Strategy, the Bid Amount represents the maximum amount you were willing to pay.
  • Auto: Automatic bidding (e.g. in Facebook when your choice is “Lowest Cost without Cap”). If the Standardized Bid Strategy is Auto, the Bid Amount dimension is going to be empty.
Bid Strategy bid_strategy This dimension contains the original data that we pulled from the ad network to deduce the Standardized Bid Strategy.

To see exactly which setting we pull from each network and the logic we use to standardize it, see Campaign Properties Data Mapping.
Campaign Objective campaign_objective For ad networks that distinguish between the campaign objective and the bid type, such as Facebook and Snapchat, this dimension contains the campaign objective. You can also use it to find out if this is a mobile app install campaign. 

To see exactly which setting we pull from each network to populate this dimension, see Campaign Properties Data Mapping.
Campaign Status campaign_status Is the campaign live or not? Note: This is not a standardized dimension, so it may contain different values based on the ad network, e.g. “live/not live” vs. “true/false”.
Bid Amount bid_amount The bid amount in your organization's default currency (converted from Original Bid Amount).

Note: For Google Ads, we only pull the bid amount for campaigns in which the Bid Type is “Target CPA”.
Original Bid Amount original_bid_amount The bid amount in the original currency.
Original Bid Currency original_metadata_currency The original currency.
Facebook ROAS Bid min_roas For Facebook campaigns in which the campaign objective was set to Lowest Cost with Min ROAS (rather than having a set bid amount in dollars), we store the minimum ROAS percent in this dimension. The Bid Amount dimension for these campaigns will be empty.
Asset Performance asset_performance

A label which indicates how an assets performs relative to other assets of the same type across all campaigns
*available only in creative reporting

Creative status creative_status

The Actual delivery status of a creative

*available only in creative reporting

What are the “Standardized” dimensions?

Since the same campaign settings are given different names by different ad networks, Singular provides standardized dimensions with a standard set of values so you can compare settings across networks.

For example:

  • Facebook campaigns have an “Optimization Goal” setting that can hold values such as “Link Clicks”, “App Installs”, “Value”, “Reach” and more.
  • AdColony campaigns have a “Bid Type” setting that can hold values such as “CPCV”, “CPM”, and “CPI”.

Singular maps these different options into the Standardized Bid Type dimension, with the possible values being “ROI”, “CPI”, “CPC”, “CPA”, and “CPM”. To see the precise mapping logic for each dimension, see Campaign Properties Data Mapping.

Original Dimensions

When Singular offers a standardized dimension, it also provides the value of the original network setting that was mapped into the standardized dimension. These are the dimensions such as Bid Type and Bid Strategy. Pull them in your reports if you prefer to work with the original network terminology.


You have a Facebook campaign, and you see in your Singular report that the Standardized Bid Type was “CPC” (Cost per Click).

In that case, the Bid Type would be “Link Clicks” because that is what this bid type is called in Facebook.

If you want to know exactly where Singular took this information from, you can look in the Campaign Properties Data Mapping table and see we pulled a Facebook field called adset.optimization_goal, which contained the value “Link Clicks”.

What is the granularity for campaign properties? Are they pulled per campaign, sub-campaign, creative or publisher?

We pull campaign properties in the highest granularity we can find. If the ad network allows you to set campaign properties by publisher, we will pull that and save them with publisher breakdown. Otherwise, we will pull by sub-campaign or by campaign.

some of the metadata fields are only available in creatives, and they can be found under "creative metadata" section in creative reporting