CleverTap Attribution Integration

Learn about Singular's integration with CleverTap and how to configure CleverTap as a partner for Singular's attribution service.


Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner CleverTap
Partner Type Marketing Automation
Creatives Not Supported
Publisher Not Supported
View-Through Not Supported
Re-engagement Not Supported
S2S Not Supported
Click Tag Not Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported


Android (Java)

In your Android app code, add the following code.

  • For SDK version 4.2.0 and above:

    CleverTapInstance.getCleverTapID(new OnInitCleverTapIDListener() {
         public void onInitCleverTapID(final String CleverTapID) {
             // Callback on main thread
             SingularSDK.setGlobalProperty("CLEVERTAPID", CleverTapID, true);
  • For older SDK versions:

    String attributionID = CleverTapInstance.getCleverTapAttributionIdentifier();
      SingularSDK.setGlobalProperty("CLEVERTAPID", attributionID, true);

iOS (Obj-C)

  • Add the following code to your iOS app:

    [CleverTap autoIntegrate];
        [Singular setGlobalProperty:@"CLEVERTAPID" value:[[CleverTap sharedInstance] profileGetCleverTapAttributionIdentifier] overrideExisting:YES];

Configuration Instructions

For general instructions on setting up a partner, see the Partner Configuration FAQ

For CleverTap, you need to fill out the following fields:

Field Description
CleverTap Account ID Take these values from your CleverTap account.
CleverTap Account Passcode
CleverTap Account Token
API Region Default is "API".


The default API Region value is "API".


Tracking Link Setup

CleverTap doesn't support tracking links.