Product Updates

July 1, 2021 SKAdNetwork Reporting

New SKAN metrics: Conversion Value - Count and Conversion Value - Ratio

New metrics in SKAdNetwork Reports and Raw Reports: "Conversion Value - Count" is the number of SKAN installs for which we have a conversion value (including conversion value 0). "Conversion Value - Ratio" is the percentage of SKAN installs for which we have a conversion value.

Learn more in the SKAdNetwork Raw Data and Reports FAQ

June 30, 2021 SKAdNetwork Integrations Facebook

New Facebook SKAN integration based on raw conversion values

Facebook now allows Singular to pull raw conversion values and decode them within Singular. With the new integration:

  • SKAN metrics including Estimated Revenue are calculated by Singular starting June 27.
  • Raw data for Facebook is available in the SKAdNetwork Raw report.
  • When configuring a conversion model, you no longer need to go to the Events page to map the new events to Facebook events.

Facebook SKAN Integration documentation

June 28, 2021 Reporting

Revamped Alerts page helps you monitor changes in your data more easily

The new Alerts page lets you sign up for data delay notifications via email or Slack, while also offering an improved UI for building your own custom alerts to monitor significant or unexpected changes in your data.

Alerts FAQ

June 8, 2021 Reporting Attribution

New Dimensions Availability window makes reporting data transparent

A new feature for users of Singular's attribution service, the Dimensions Availability window gives you full transparency into your reporting data by showing which networks provide which dimensions to Singular.

Dimensions Availability FAQ

June 2, 2021 SKAdNetwork Integrations Google

Google Ads SKAN Integration

Singular is now integrated with Google Ads for SKAdNetwork campaigns. Reporting for Google includes conversion value decoding and does not require any special configuration.

Google Ads SKAdNetwork Integration

May 31, 2021 SKAdNetwork Integrations

SKAdNetwork Reporting Available for AppsFlyer Users

Singular now offers SKAdNetwork reporting for customers who use AppsFlyer as their tracker. The reports merge SKAdNetwork installs with ad network data (including cost, clicks, and impressions) and tracker installs, allowing you to measure your CPI and ROI.

Getting Started with SKAdNetwork (For AppsFlyer Users)

April 2, 2021 Reporting API SKAdNetwork

SKAdNetwork Reports available through API

The new Create Async SKAdNetwork Report endpoint can be queried to pull the same data available in the SKAdNetwork Reports page.

SKAN API Documentation

April 2, 2021 Reporting SKAdNetwork

Support for Funnel model events

In addition to events created through Conversion and Event models, we now fully support Funnel events (see: ). Any event defined in a Funnel-type model is automatically created in the Events page and measured in the SKAdNetwork Report page.

Funnel model documentation

March 18, 2021 Integrations Attribution Apple Search Ads

New Apple Search Ads (AdServices) Attribution Integration

The new integration supports attribution regardless of AppTrackingTransparency consent status for iOS 14.5+.

Integration documentation

March 15, 2021 Integrations SKAdNetwork Facebook

Facebook SKAN Integration Supports Post-Install Events

The Facebook SKAdNetwork integration now supports measuring post-install events.

Facebook SKAN Integration documentation

March 15, 2021 Integrations SKAdNetwork Twitter

New Twitter SKAdNetwork Integration

Singular now supports receiving SKAdNetwork information from Twitter.

Twitter SKAdNetwork integration documentation

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