Data Freshness and Update Times

Learn how often Singular pulls data from your ad networks, third-party MMPs, or other partners.

For more about how Singular gathers data, see the Data Connectors FAQ.


Data Connector Type Update Frequency and Time Amount of Data (How Many Days Back)
Network Data

API-based data connectors

File-based (Google Drive) data connectors

Data is pulled twice a day:

  • The first data pull begins at midnight (customer's time zone) to have the data ready in the morning. 
  • A second data pull is run at 1:00 a.m. PST/PDT to add in any data that may have accumulated since the earlier pull.
For most networks, we pull data for 7 days back by default. For some networks, we may pull a different number of days (depending on the network's features and how often it tends to update historical data).*
Email-based data connectors Singular processes the data immediately when we receive the email report. Data is processed for 7 days back.
Tracker Data
Third-party attribution providers Data from third-party trackers is pulled through data connectors, just like network/agency data. See the appropriate data connector type above. The number of days back depends on the customer's longest cohort period (usually 1-30 days).
Singular attribution New data is pulled into the reporting system every hour.

  Note on update times:

  • For IronSource, AdAction, Blind Ferret Media, BlueStacks, Pinsight Media, and several other networks, we pull 30 days back by default. For Amazon Media Group, we pull 45 days back. See Data Connectors in Detail for more information about specific data connectors.
  • You can see the last update time and the next scheduled update time for each data connector in Settings > Data Connectors.
  • Singular starts pulling yesterday's data first, then starts pulling data for further back. The data pull for yesterday's data may be completed earlier.
  • The status messages in the Data Connectors page reflect the status of the data for yesterday. 
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