Twitter SKAdNetwork Integration

Learn how Singular gets your SKAdNetwork data from Twitter.

For the full list of Singular SKAdNetwork integrations, see Singular SKAdNetwork Integrated Partners.

For other types of integrations that Singular has with Twitter, see Twitter Data Connector and Twitter Ads Attribution Integration.


Integration Summary

SKAdNetwork Postback Forwarding N/A
Campaign Data Enrichment Currently supported only for some campaigns. Twitter are working on providing campaign ID, etc., for the majority of campaigns.

Where available, the supported granularity is:
• Campaign Name
• Campaign ID
• Sub Campaign Name (Line Item Name)
• Sub Campaign ID (Line Item ID)
Conversion Value Decoding

Coming soon

Important Notes

The Twitter integration is special in that Twitter doesn't forward the SKAdNetwork postback to Singular. Instead, Twitter makes the postback data available to Singular through a dedicated API.

Since Singular ingests the data differently than usual, it has the following limitations:

  • The data is pulled once a day.
  • Twitter SKAN data is not available in user-level SKAN logs or user-level data destination schemas. It is only available in aggregate form (in SKAN reports and raw reports).
  • Singular is not able to validate each SKAN install through Apple's validation process. Therefore all installs from Twitter are assumed to be valid and marked as such in your reports.

To set up the Twitter SKAdNetwork integration, make sure Singular is configured as Twitter's MACT partner. Learn more in Twitter Ads Attribution Integration.