Google Ads SKAdNetwork Integration


Integration Summary

SKAdNetwork Postback Forwarding N/A
Campaign Data Enrichment Supported with the following granularity:
• Campaign ID
Conversion Value Decoding
Conversion Model Sharing  Supported

Setup Instructions

Follow the steps below. Once you've completed the necessary configuration, Singular will automatically share your SKAN conversion model with Google Ads. 


Implement Singular's SKAdNetwork Solution

If you haven't done so yet, add SKAdNetwork support to your Singular SDK/S2S integration. For guides, see:


Configure a SKAN Conversion Model

In the Singular platform, go to SKAdNetwork > Model Configuration and select Add Conversion Model. Select a Singular conversion model for your app.


Configure a Google Ads Data Connector and Partner Configuration

Make sure the Google Ads Data Connector and Google Partner Configuration are set up correctly.


Import Conversion Events into Google Ads 

Follow the steps to import conversion events into Google Ads. This will let Google Ads start to optimize your conversion model.

Limitations and Troubleshooting

The Google integration differs from most of Singular's SKAdNetwork integrations in that Google doesn't forward the SKAdNetwork postback to Singular. Instead, Google makes the postback data available to Singular through a dedicated API.

Due to the limitations of the Google SKAdNetwork API:

  • Data may only become available after 72 hours. This means that when you run a report, you may see 0 installs for yesterday and the day before.
  • Google keeps updating the data for up to 5 days ago. This means that when you run a report on 3 days ago, and then run the same report tomorrow (on the same date), you may see different numbers.
  • The View Through dimension is not available (there is no data on whether an install is attributed to a view or a click).
  • Country data is not available.

Comparing the data between Singular SKAN reporting and Google Ads UI 

You may notice differences in app install counts between Singular SKAN reporting and the Google Ads user interface. These differences are caused by the different data sources and attribution methods used by the two platforms:

  • Singular collects SKAdNetwork data exclusively from Google Ads through their API.
  • The Google Ads UI displays both modeled and deterministic data (such as opted-in users and SKAN). 

For more information, see the Google Ads documentation.