Google Ads SKAdNetwork Integration

Setting Up Google Ads (AdWords)


Integration Summary

SKAdNetwork Postback Forwarding N/A
Campaign Data Enrichment Supported with the following granularity:
• Campaign ID
Conversion Value Decoding


No special setup is needed beyond having a Google Ads Data Connector configured.


The Google integration differs from most of Singular's SKAdNetwork integrations in that Google doesn't forward the SKAdNetwork postback to Singular. Instead, Google makes the postback data available to Singular through a dedicated API.

Due to the limitations of the Google API, some data is unavailable:

  • The View Through dimension is not available (there is no data on whether an install is attributed to a view or a click).
  • Country data is not available.
  • Null Conversion Values are not available at the moment, and are marked as 0 in their API.