AppLovin MAX User Level Ad Revenue Attribution Integration


This article is about setting up Singular to ingest ad revenue attribution data for apps working with AppLovin MAX as a mediation platform.

To learn about ad revenue attribution, see the Ad Revenue Attribution FAQ.


If you are using AppLovin MAX as your mediation platform, you can pull impression-level or user-level ad revenue attribution data from AppLovin MAX User Level data either by updating your Singular SDK implementation or by using AppLovin MAX's User Level Reporting API.

Method 1: Singular SDK Integration

This method allows you to get ad revenue data for SKAdNetwork campaigns. However, it does require you to update your app and wait for users to download the updated version.


Method 2: AppLovin MAX User Level API

Important Notes:

  • This AppLovin MAX User Level API integration method is not compatible with SKAdNetwork and will not allow you to get ad revenue data for SKAdNetwork campaigns or send postbacks to your partners notifying them of attributed ad revenue. You will also not see attribution data in your regular reports to see Total ROI.
  • Ad Revenue that is pulled via the AppLovin MAX User Level API is aggregated and shows up in the Analytics --> Reports. User-level ad revenue data is not available to send to your media partners via postbacks. You will need to use integration method #1 above to achieve that.
  • Ad revenue data from this integration includes all the networks that you use through AppLovin MAX's mediation platform (as opposed to getting data solely from AppLovin's ad network - AppLovin (Ad Monetization) data connector).

How can I enable this?

To pull ad revenue attribution data from AppLovin using the AppLovin MAX User Level API:

  1. First, contact your Singular Customer Success Manager or Singular Support to make sure the ad revenue attribution feature is open to you. 
  2. In the Singular platform, go to Data Connectors, add the connector called AppLovin MAX User Level, and follow the in-app instructions for getting your Report Key from the AppLovin dashboard.
  3. After the data is pulled, you can view it in a report by going to the Analytics --> Reports report page.

Why might you see discrepancies:

  • AppLovin MAX User Level API data is pulled once per day.
  • If you use in-app bidding with Meta Audience Network via Applovin MAX mediation, you may experience discrepancies between the revenue reported in your mediation platform and the data available through the user-level API. This is due to Meta Audience Network privacy restrictions.

To learn more about this integration, see AppLovin's developer documentation here.