Snapchat Data Connector

Setting Up Snapchat Ads


  • Campaign Properties now available: Campaign Status, Campaign Objective, Bid Type, Original Bid Amount
  • Additional metrics from Snapchat, such as Snapchat's Advanced Conversions, can be pulled by creating conversion events (see instructions below).

Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API (Snapchat API v. 1 - see documentation)
Data breakdown (segmentation)

Your data is broken down by Campaign, Sub-Campaign ("Ad Squad"), Platform, and Creative.

In addition, Snapchat lets you choose one of the following breakdowns:

  • Country (default)
  • DMA (USA only)
  • Region
  • Age and Gender

note - country breakdown cannot be pulled with offline events, this is a network limitation.

Time zone The time zone configured for your ad account in Snapchat.
Is data available on the creative level? Yes
Does Singular show your creative assets?

Yes, for the following Snapchat ad types:


Creative assets are not available for other ad types.

Data Mapping

  • Singular’s Sub-Campaign corresponds to Snapchat's Ad Squad.
  • Singular's Creative corresponds to Snapchat's Ad.
  • Snapchat's video_views_15s can be pulled, but you will not be able to use a data breakdown.

For descriptions of all fields, see the Singular Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Network
Account ID adn_account_id Ad Account ID
Account Name adn_account_name Ad Account Name
App app App Name
App Site ID app_site_id Either 'iOS App ID" or "Google Play Store ID"
Bid Type


Campaign Objective

Campaign Objective

Campaign Status

campaign status

Country country_field "Country Code" from the Targeting Spec for the Ad Squad
Creative ID creative_id Ad ID
Creative Name creative_name Ad Name
Date date_field Date
dma_id_field dma
DMA Name
Network Campaign ID adn_campaign_id Campaign ID
Network Campaign Name adn_campaign_name Campaign Name
Network Creative ID adn_creative_id Ad ID
Network Creative Name adn_creative_name Ad Name
Network Sub Campaign ID adn_sub_campaign_id Ad Squad ID
Network Sub Campaign Name adn_sub_campaign_name Ad Squad Name
Original Bid Amount original_bid_amount bid_micro
Placement_v2.snapchat_positions (if placement_v2.config == “AUTOMATIC” we hard coding - ["INTERSTITIAL_USER", "INTERSTITIAL_CONTENT","INSTREAM", "FEED", "GAMES"]
Platform platform OS Type
Public Id site_public_id iOS App ID
Google Play Store ID

region (in Region breakdown)

regions (in DMA breakdown - it's possible to have multiple regions in the same DMA)

Sub Campaign ID sub_campaign_id Ad Squad ID
Sub Campaign Name sub_campaign_name Ad Squad Name
Average Frequency
frequency frequency
Cost adn_cost Spend
Network Clicks adn_clicks Swipes
Network Impressions adn_impressions Impressions
Network Installs adn_installs

Total Installs

(Installs reported using Snap's Ad Manager attribution logic.)

Original Cost adn_original_cost Spend
Original Currency adn_original_currency Pulled from the Ad Account's Currency
reach total_reach
Video Views video_views video_views
Video Views 25% video_views_25pct  quartile_1 (Video Views to 25%)
Video Views 50% video_views_50pct  quartile_2 (Video Views to 50%)
Video Views 75% video_views_75pct  quartile_3 (Video Views to 75%)
Completed Video Views  completed_video_views view_completion

Special Setup Instructions

In addition to the metrics that Singular pulls from Snapchat by default, you can pull any Snapchat metric and Advanced Conversions (see list) by creating a conversion event in Singular.

To create a conversion event:

  1. In Singular, go to Settings > Events. If you have both Custom Events and Conversion Events tabs, select Conversion Events.
  2. Click New Event.
  3. In the Snapchat dropdown, select the desired metric.

    The next day, when Singular pulls daily data for your account, it will pull completions as well.

  4. After the new event is populated with some data, run a report in the Reports page, and choose the conversion event you created from Events dropdown.



In order for Singular to retrieve Snap data on your behalf, the API user key should come from a user whose Snap role is that of an Org Admin, Account Admin, or Campaign Manager. You can follow the steps outlined here (link) and generate an access token. This access token will be used as the Bearer token when making the GET requests to retrieve this data through Snap's Marketing API.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What metrics does Singular pull from Snapchat?

Out of the various metrics provided by Snapchat, the Singular integration gathers the metrics relevant to mobile marketing:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Installs
  • Cost

In addition, Singular can get statistics about user actions (known to Snap as Advanced Conversions), that are known in Singular as conversion events. See Configuring Custom Events below for information about configuring Singular to get that data from Snapchat.

Where can I see Snap's Advanced Conversions?
Network conversion metrics, as reported by the Snapchat API, can be mapped in Singular's Events page (under the Snapchat source) for aggregate reporting in Singular's Reporting UI and ETL.
Does Singular by default report Snapchat data from their reporting API based on click time or impression time?
By default, Singular will report the data based on the click time. If you would like your Singular dashboard to report data based on the time of the impression, please email our support team to request this.
How do I set up a Snapchat data connector?

To start pulling data from Snapchat into Singular:

  1. In the Singular platform, go to Settings > Data Connectors.
  2. Hover over the Add New Connector button and start typing "Snapchat". In the list that appears, choose Snapchat.
  3. Click Connect with Snapchat and log in to a Snapchat user who has access to the required ad accounts.

    Note: Before clicking the button, make sure you are not logged into Snapchat with an unrelated account (such as your personal account).