Snapchat Ads Attribution Integration

Setting Up Snapchat Ads


Integration Summary

Note: To setup Snapchat Ads using SKAdNetwork, see Snapchat Ads SKAdNetwork Integration.

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner Snapchat
Partner Type Self-attributing Ad Network
Creatives Supported
Publisher Not Supported
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Supported
Click Tag No (Self-attributing)
Receiving All Installs Recommended (Self-attributing)
Receiving All Events Recommended (Self-attributing)
Default Attribution Window 28-day click, 1-day view

Setting Up Snapchat Ads Tracking


Integrate the Singular SDK (see instructions)

1. Configuring Snapchat as a Partner

To configure Snapchat:


2. Sending Event Postbacks to Snapchat (Optional)

Singular supports sending event notifications to Snapchat with all of Snapchat's requirements.


First, select enable sending in-app events to Snapchat by selecting All.

Next, map your In-app events:

  • Select the event name on the left field, according to the name used in the SDK, and map the name to one of Snapchat predefined conversion events.
  • Check the Send value checkbox if relevant (for example, revenues). If not checked, only counts of the event will be sent.

Partner Data Policies

As a Snap Mobile Measurement Partner, Singular adheres to the following data handling requirements required by Snap:

Data Retention

Snap user-level data is removed after 2 months of original attribution.  After 2 months, users attributed to Snap as treated/marked as "Organic" and reflected as such in both aggregate and user-level reporting in Singular.

Data Access

Snapchat data sharing policies prevent the sharing of "Snapchat data" to advertisers and other 3rd parties. "Snapchat data" encompasses any data pertaining to an advertising ID belonging to a Snapchat user.

Data Mapping

Singular Value Snapchat Value Example
Tracker Campaign Name Snapchat Campaign Name “MyCampaign”
Tracker Campaign ID Snapchat Campaign ID 123123
Tracker Creative ID Snapchat Ad ID 123122


Reporting Notes

Singular's Standard Report defaults to show installs reported from our attribution integration with Snapchat. This means that any reported iOS installs only reflect installs attributed deterministically by dual opt-in users. (The same install count shown in "Installs" will appear under "Tracker Installs" meaning installs attributed by the MMP Tracker.) If you would like to see installs reported by Snap's Ads Manager, please include "Network Installs" in your Singular Report.