Conversion Postbacks for Web, PC, and Console FAQ

Conversion Postbacks for web, PC, and console events are only available to Singular customers with access to Singular’s Web, PC, and Console game attribution.


What are Conversion Postbacks?

Conversion postbacks are postbacks that can be sent to trigger on any web, pc, and console event. These postbacks are typically sent to dedicated APIs called “Conversions APIs” but can be sent to any other endpoint that can receive real-time conversion information for a variety of other use cases.

What are Conversions APIs?

A conversion API (cAPI) is an API that can support receiving data about interactions that may occur on a website or app, via server-to-server. These APIs use this conversion data to augment a partner’s measurement and optimization for their web campaigns. 

While reporting conversions to a partner’s cAPI is typically not required for a campaign, it is commonly used to either:

  1. Augment a partner’s pixel implementation by providing conversion information not measured by the pixel or,
  2. Replace a partner’s pixel implementation with a server-side implementation through a measurement provider like Singular

Within the context of web, PC, and console conversions, these conversion APIs typically receive the following types of data:

  • Real-time conversion names and values
  • Partners click ID(s) for attributed conversions
  • One or more forms of hashed PII (i.e. email, phone number)
What conversion postback integrations does Singular support?

The following conversion postbacks integrations are available via Singular Partner Configurations, for web, PC, and console apps:

The following integrations are coming soon:

Note: Singular currently does not support reporting hashed PII to conversion postback partners.
What are the requirements to use conversion postback integrations?

Web conversion postbacks:

PC & Console conversion postbacks: