PC and Console Game Attribution FAQ

PC and Console game attribution is an enterprise feature. To learn more about this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.


PC and console game attribution is the ability to attribute users who visit and engage with a game's marketing site to a purchase and eventual game launch.

A marketing site is commonly used to ensure prospective gamers can learn about the game and be directed with call-to-actions to the stores and platforms on which the game is supported.

Game attribution is possible for all channels, including paid, social, and organic, with the correct planning and configuration through Singular.



What are the integration requirements to use Singular's PC and Console game attribution?

Game Integration Requirements

  1. Implement your PC or Console game to pass game data via Singular's PC & Console S2S API
  2. Add your PC or Console game to your Singular App Page. If you have multiple PC and Console games for the same title, be sure to add them all to the same Singular "App".

Marketing Site Integration Requirements

  1. Integrate your marketing site via Singular's web SDK.
  2. If your marketing site includes CTA links to stores where users can purchase your game:
What are the required steps to launch a marketing campaign for my PC or Console game?
  1. (One time per game) Implement Singular game and marketing site integrations.
  2. For supported partners, configure:
  3. Generate a Singular website link for the partner/source for your campaign.
  4. Traffic and launch the campaign with the website link.

General FAQ

How does Singular's attribution for PC and Console games work?

Singular's attribution for PC and Console games utilizes the following components to provide comprehensive measurement and game and ROAS analytics:


When a user visits a marketing site, Singular's web SDK attributes the web session to the referring website, measured through Singular's web measurement links and UTM parameters. The enriched web session is then used to attribute a subsequent game launch for that user to the original referring website (source). 

  • Attribution information also includes if a user engages with a direct CTA (store link) while on the marketing site.
  • Users who land on the marketing site organically attributed to the marketing site.
  • Users who don't land on the marketing site and purchase the game are attributed to organic.
What attribution methods are supported with PC and Console games?

Install and re-engagement attribution matching can happen via any of the following methods:

  1.  Deterministic attribution is used when the user visits the marketing site and registers or logs in (authenticated user). The same user then launches the game and logs in when they play the game.
  2. Probabilistic attribution is used when the user visits the marketing site and explores the site anonymously without logging in (unauthenticated user). The same user then launches the game.
  3. Probabilistic attribution can also be used without a marketing site at all (for example in case of a direct campaign to Steam/Epic). This solution is less recommended since many users have different stores, but can be supported by triggering a Singular Link for PC/Console at the time of the ad click. For generating such links without a marketing site, contact to your Customer Success Manager.
How does Singular report on PC & Console attributions?

Singular reports on PC and Console attributions and cost metrics in all of Singular standard aggregated and user-level reports. Reporting for PC and Console games can be broken down furthermore via the following dimensions that have PC & Console specific values:




Installer Source

Meta Quest
any value passed to Singular in S2S API os parameter, including but not limited to:


any value passed to Singular in S2S API install_source parameter, including but not limited to:



Note: Platform, OS, and Installer Source combining is not supported, as spend typically tied to a game and not a specific platform/store.

What partners can receive PC and Console game conversion data?
Singular supports posting back game conversion data with many ad network partners, usually to their Conversions APIs or Offline Conversion APIs. Reporting game conversions to these APIs can be used to enrich existing web campaign conversions (also supported through CAPIs) with lower-funnel game conversion data for campaign optimization.

See our Conversions APIs help center article for more information and for a list of integrated partners.