Everflow Partner Integrations

This base integration with Everflow can be inherited by ad networks and allows advertisers to build out tracking links using Everflow macros and pull in advertising cost data from their media campaigns with you. If your network utilizes Everflow's platform, this is the standard data that will be displayed in advertiser reports. When you reach out to Singular to integrate, be sure to mention that you use Everflow as your platform.

Attribution Quick Details

Partner Your network name
Partner Type Ad Network
Creatives Supported
Publisher Affiliate
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Supported
Click Tag Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported

Attribution Mapping

Field in Singular UI Tracking Link Parameter Macro from Everflow
Campaign Name pcn {offer_name}
Campaign ID pcid {offer_id}
Affiliate Name paffn {affiliate_name}
Affiliate ID paffid  {affiliate_id} 
Creative Name prcn {creative_name}
Creative ID pcrid {creative_id}

Review more Everflow macros.

Data Connector Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API
Data breakdown (segmentation)

Country, Publisher

How far back we pull data


Time Zone UTC
Does the partner offer data for today? Yes
Is data available on the creative (ad) level? Yes
Does Singular show your creative assets? No
Known limitations and issues Options may be different based on the ad network. ADV 1 - 5 are expanded custom fields from Everflow.

Data Mapping

For descriptions of each field in Singular reporting, see the Singular Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Everflow
Date date date_time
Network Campaign ID adn_campaign_id network_offer_id
Campaign Name campaign_name offer_name
Creative ID adn_creative_id creative_id 
Creative Name creative_name creative
Publisher ID publisher_id affiliate_id
Publisher Site Name publisher_site_name affiliate_name
Reported Type reported_type preview_url
Original Cost adn_original_cost cost
Installs installs CV
Clicks* adn_clicks total_clicks
Impressions impressions impressions

Endpoint: https://api.eflow.team/v1/advertisers

*By default, the Singular UI shows clicks reported by your MMP tracker, but it can be set up to show clicks reported by the ad network.

Known Limitations

Everflow's API limits the pulling of 10 fields from their API. 

What's the Process of Integrating with Singular?

Review the main integration guide.