DoubleClick DCM Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from DoubleClick DCM, how to set it up, and how to view the data in your reports. If you wish to transition to Google Marketing Platform, see this instead.


Quick Details

Data connector technology API (Campaign Manager 360 API v. 3.5)
Data breakdown (segmentation)

The connector offers the following dimensions (breakdowns) by default:

  • Country
  • Campaign
  • Sub campaign (CM360's "Placement")
  • Publisher
  • Creative (CM360's "Ad")
  • Asset (CM360's "Creative").

The Keyword and City dimensions are not available by default but can be set up for you if you need them.

For more information and options, see Special Configuration Options below.

Does the partner offer data for today? Yes
Is data available on the creative (ad) level? Yes
Does Singular pull creative assets (the actual graphics/video)? No
Known Limitations and Issues

By default, for historical reasons, data pulled from this data connector appears under the Source "Double Click".

If you've enabled Google Marketing Platform (GMP), the data will appear under the source "Google Marketing Platform (CM360)".

If you need it to appear under another name, contact the Singular support team.

Note: The fields available might differ between Double Click and GMP.

Basic Setup

To set up the Google Campaign Manager 360 data connector:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Settings > Data Connectors page and click New Data Connector.
  2. Type in "Double Click DCM / CM360".
  3. Click Sign in with Google and authenticate with the relevant Google account.
  4. Provide your Profile ID. You can find your profile ID in the CM360 dashboard under User Data

For help, see the Data Connectors FAQ.

Special Configuration Options

Getting Keyword and City

It is possible to pull Keyword and City data from CM360. If you need either of these dimensions, contact Singular support to set them up for you.

Getting Data from Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager/DBM)

Basic data such as cost per campaign/sub-campaign for DV360 campaigns can be pulled through the CM360 data connector. You can contact Singular support to set it up for you. 

However, if you want additional metrics and/or higher granularity from DV360, set up a separate Google Display & Video 360 (DBM) data connector.

Getting Floodlight Activities (Conversion Events)

Singular can pull any "floodlight activities" that you need from CM360 and display their stats in your singular reports. 

To get floodlight activity data:

  1. Contact Singular support and send the team a list of the floodlight activity IDs you need. 
  2. Singular will then make these activities available for you as options in Singular's Events page.
  3. In your Singular account, go to Settings > Events. If you have separate tabs for Cohort Events and Conversion Events, go to Conversion Events.
  4. Add a new event (see How do I add conversion events?). 
  5. In the Double Click DCM / CM360 dropdown, you will see a list of the floodlight activities you requested. You can map each activity into a separate Singular event or combine multiple floodlight activities into a single event.


    The next day, when Singular pulls daily data for your account, it will pull these activities' stats as well. 

  6. After Singular has populated the new conversion event(s) with some floodlight activity data, when you run a report in the Reports page, choose the conversion event(s) from the Events dropdown.

Data Mapping

Tip: For more information about any field in Singular reporting, see the Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field Name in Singular Web UI Field Name in Singular API & Data Destinations (ETL) Field Name in Double Click
Account ID adn_account_id Advertiser ID
Account Name adn_account_name Advertiser
City city_field City
Country country_field Country
Keyword keyword Keyword
Network Campaign ID adn_campaign_id Campaign ID
Network Campaign Name adn_campaign_name campaign
Network Sub Campaign ID adn_sub_campaign_id Placement ID
Network Sub Campaign Name adn_sub_campaign_name Placement
Original Currency adn_original_currency advertiserCurrencyCode
Campaign Objective campaign_objective Placement Strategy
Asset ID asset_id Creative ID
Asset Name asset_name Creative
Creative ID creative_id Ad ID
Creative Name creative_name Ad
Creative Reported URL creative_reported_url computedClickThroughUrl
Network Clicks adn_clicks Clicks
Network Impressions adn_impressions Impressions
Network Installs adn_installs Total Conversions
Original Cost adn_original_cost Media Cost
Completed Video Views completed_video_views Video Completions
Video Views video_views Video Plays
Video Views 25% video_views_25pct Video First Quartile Completions
Video Views 50% video_views_50pct Video Midpoints
Video Views 75% video_views_75pct Video Third Quartile Completions