Types of Device IDs

Singular uses various types of device IDs for attributing conversions and events. The device ID can be passed in Singular Links to help the Singular tracker attribute an install. You can see the device ID when using Export Logs and User-Level Data.


Device ID Type Name
Platform Description Tracking Link Parameter
GAID Google Advertising ID Android A user-resettable device ID on Android devices. aifa
AID Android ID Android Sometimes provided by old devices that do not support GAID. andi
ASID App Set ID Android A developer-scoped device ID on Android devices.  n/a
OAID Open Anonymous Device ID Android A device ID used in China instead of GAID or IMEI/MEID. oaid
IDFA ID for Advertising iOS A device ID on iOS devices. IDFA is only available when a user opts -in to sharing their ad tracking data.  idfa
IDFV ID for Vendors iOS An ID that can be used for tracking events on a specific app on a device when LAT (Limit Ad Tracking) is enabled. Developers will multiple apps will share one device ID for all their apps.  idfv
Amazon Advertising ID
Amazon An ID available on some Amazon devices. amid
WAID Windows Advertising ID Windows Assigned by the device to the user's account on the device. waid
APID   Any An internal ID assigned by Singular when we don't receive a device identifier. This ID is used for tracking events but not for attribution. n/a