TikTok For Business SKAdNetwork Integration


For the full list of Singular SKAdNetwork integrations, see Singular SKAdNetwork Integrated Partners.

Integration Summary

SKAdNetwork Postback Forwarding Supported
Campaign Data Enrichment Supported granularity: Campaign ID
Conversion Value Decoding


Apple's SKAdNetwork framework allows ad networks (and advertisers) to receive some data about app installs attributed to their campaign, without compromising the end-user's privacy. All the data about the app install and post-install events has to be contained in a single number from 0 to 63, called the conversion value.

Singular's SKAdNetwork solution offers several different ways to encode data into the conversion value, depending on whether the advertiser is interested in optimizing for revenue, retention, or other KPIs. Each encoding method is called a conversion model. To start getting SKAdNetwork data from TikTok for Business, you will first have to set up a conversion model, as described below.

After you set up the integration, TikTok SKAdNetwork performance data will be available in your aggregate SKAdNetwork reports, SKAdnetwork postback exports, and ETL data destinations.

Setup Instructions

In this SKAdNetwork integration, TikTok For Business shares SKAdNetwork data with Singular by forwarding the SKAdNetwork install postbacks to Singular and adding the relevant campaign ID for each install. This lets Singular combine SKAdNetwork data with campaign data such as cost and present the resulting data in SKAdNetwork reports.

In configuring your TikTok For Business campaigns, read TikTok’s iOS 14 Impact and Guidance article. Singular supports TikTok’s SKAdNetwork campaigns through Singular-managed conversion models. By following the steps in the article below, you'll be able to configure your Singular conversion model so that it is compatible with TikTok's SKAdNetwork campaigns, and enable SKAdNetwork campaigns in your TikTok For Business account.  

TikTok SKAdNetwork performance data is available in your aggregate SKAdNetwork reports, SKAdNetwork postback exports, and ETL data destinations.

To set up this integration:

1. Implement Singular's SKAdNetwork Solution

If you haven't done so yet, add SKAdNetwork support to your Singular SDK Implementation (see iOS SDK: Adding SKAdNetwork support) or S2S integration (see SKAdNetwork S2S Implementation Guide).

Warning: You can only have one SDK managing SKAdNetwork conversion values in the same app. You should ensure that other SDKs are not managing SKAdNetwork to not conflict with your Singular conversion models.

2. Configure a Conversion Model in Singular

If you haven't configured a conversion model yet for the app, you can do so now:

  1. In the Singular platform, go to SKAdNetwork > Model Configuration.
  2. Select the app and click Add Conversion Model.
  3. Choose the type of conversion model and configure the necessary settings. For help, see the SKAdNetwork Model Configuration FAQ.
  4. Click the switch to enable the new model, and click Submit.


3. Enter TikTok App ID in Singular

TikTok recommends that apps have a TikTok App ID for SKAdNetwork-enabled campaigns. To generate the TikTok App ID, see TikTok's help center article. Add the TikTok app ID to your Partner Configuration in Singular. Multiple TikTok app IDs can be supported as comma separated values.


If you are a new TikTok client, you need to enable unattributed events before the TikTok App ID can be passed to TikTok.

4. Map Conversion Model Events to TikTok Events

We highly recommend making sure that all events used in the conversion model have been added and mapped to a TikTok event (see TikTok Partner Configuration).

For example, if you have the following events configured in your SKAdNetwork conversion model, make sure they're mapped to a TikTok event name in your TikTok partner configuration:

SKAN Conversion Model Configuration:
TikTok Partner Configuration:mceclip1.png
Note: This step is not required for a revenue conversion model.

5. Configure SKAdNetwork in TikTok For Business

To set up your TikTok For Business account for managing SKAdNetwork campaigns, see TikTok's iOS 14 Impact and Guidance setup guide.