Google Ads Attribution Integration: How to Import Events


This is a detailed guide for ONE of the steps in setting up Google Ads tracking. For the full setup guide, see Google Ads (AdWords) Attribution Integration.


An important step in configuring your Google Ads integration involves setting up your conversion actions, also known as importing events. This enables Singular to start measuring your Google Ads campaigns.

To import events in Google Ads:

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Tools icon and select Measurement > Conversions.


  2. Click the + button to add a conversion action.


  3. In the list of conversion types that opens, select App, then select third-party app analytics, and click Continue.


  4. In the event selection page:


    • Check the box next to first_open for ALL of your apps. This is necessary for tracking installs.
    • Check the box next to other events if you would like to import them. For re-engagement campaigns, make sure that you import the session_start event.
    • Note: You need to re-import if the Partner Event identifier in Google Ads is changed, or if it is CUSTOM and the corresponding event name has changed in Singular.
    • Click Import and Continue, and then click Done.

You can now see your third-party conversion event in the Conversion Actions table. Click on an event name to see more details.


If an event does not appear in the list or if it has been removed from the Google Ads Conversion import list, click Status and select All to show all events so that you can re-import the event: