InMobi Ad Monetization Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls ad monetization data from InMobi and shows it in your reports.

Singular can also pull campaign performance data from InMobi. For more information, see the InMobi Data Connector documentation.


Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API (InMobi Reporting API)
Time zone GMT
Currency USD

Data Mapping

Tip: For more information about any field in Singular reporting, see the Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in InMobi
Platform platform platform
Country ad_country country
Ad Placement ID ad_placement_id placementId
Ad Placement Name ad_placement_name placementName
Ad Type Name ad_type_name adUnitType
Ad Requests ad_requests adRequests
Filled Ad Requests filled_ad_request adImpressions
Ad Impressions ad_impressions servedImpressions
Ad Clicks ad_clicks clicks
Ad Revenue ad_revenue earnings


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