InMobi Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from InMobi and shows it in your reports.


Quick Details

Data Connector Technology Mail (learn more about mail-based data connectors)
Data breakdown (segmentation)

Your cost data is broken down by:

  • Campaign
  • Platform
  • Creative
How far back we pull data 7 days
Time zone Predefined by InMobi
Is data available on the creative (ad) level? Yes
Does Singular show your creative assets? No
Known Limitations/ Issues
Since the data connector processes emailed reports, some possible issues are missing headers or data in the report file.

Data Mapping

Tip: For more information about any field in Singular reporting, see the Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Network
App Site ID app_site_id 'storeid'
Date date_field ‘Date’, ‘DATE’
Network Campaign Name adn_campaign_name ‘Campaign_prefix’ (if present) + “ “ + filename of mail attachment
Platform platform 'operating system'
Creative Name creative_name 'creative_file_name'
Cost adn_cost 'gross_sepnd', 'ad_spend', 'burn'
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