Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from and shows it in your reports.

Note: Due to Branch's requirements, you have to add a separate Branch data connector in Singular for each of your apps.


Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API (Branch Query API + Branch Cohort Exports)
Data breakdown (segmentation)

The data is broken down by:

  • Source (ad network)
  • Campaign
  • OS
  • Country

The following additional breakdowns are only available for campaigns from Self-Attributed Networks (SANs):

  • Sub Ad Network (e.g. for Facebook - Facebook/Instagram)
  • Sub Campaign (ad set)
Time zone  Configurable per app in the Branch dashboard. Singular identifies the timezone and pulls the data appropriately.
Currency USD
Known Limitations/ Issues

The Branch APIs require separate credentials for each of your apps that is tracked by Branch. For that reason, you have to add a separate Branch data connector in Singular for each of your apps

For more information about setting up data connectors, see the Data Connectors FAQ.

Data Mapping

The data connector pulls the following fields from Branch.


  • Singular uses the Branch Query API to pull stats based on the actual dates, and the Branch Cohort Exports API to pull cohort data. Therefore, the dimensions (breakdowns) available for actual data and for cohorts are slightly different (see table for details).
  • In addition to the default metrics of clicks and installs, Singular can also pull any custom events you configured in Branch. To learn how to display aggregated custom event data in your reports, see the Custom Events FAQ.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Branch Query API Field in Branch Cohort Exports
Country country_field user_data_geo_country_code data_country_code
OS os user_data_os data_os
Date date_field timestamp timezone_adjusted_day
Tracker Campaign ID tracker_campaign_id last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_campaign_id N/A
Tracker Campaign Name tracker_campaign_name last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_campaign touch_data_tilde_campaign
Source source last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_advertising_partner_name touch_data_tilde_advertising_ partner_name
Sub Ad Network adn_subadnetwork last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_secondary_publisher
(only for SANs)
install_activity_touch_data_ tilde_secondary_publisher
(only for SANs)
Sub Campaign ID sub_campaign_id last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_ad_set_id
(only for SANs)
Sub Campaign Name sub_campaign_name last_attributed_touch_data_ tilde_ad_set_name
(only for SANs)
(only for SANs)
Tracker Clicks tracker_clicks eo_click N/A
Tracker Installs tracker_installs eo_install N/A
Revenue revenue Taken from events of type "revenue" Taken from events of type "revenue"