IronSource Attribution Integration


Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner IronSource
Partner Type Ad Network
Creatives Supported
Publisher Supported
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Not Supported
S2S Not Supported
Click Tag Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported


  1. Integrate the Singular SDK (see instructions).
  2. Get your Advertiser ID and password from the IronSource dashboard:


  3. For event postback configurations, coordinate with your POC which event names you should use and map to the SDK event names.


See Partner Configuration for general instructions for setting up a partner.

For IronSource, you will also have to fill out the following special fields:

Field Description
Password The password you got from IronSource (see Prerequisites).
Advertiser ID The advertiser ID you got from IronSource (see Prerequisites).
Event Name Choose the event name from the existing dropdown.