Built-In Events

When you integrate a Singular SDK or S2S into your app, there are certain SDK/S2S events that will have additional automatic mapping in the Singular platform. This means that you will see certain events automatically appear in user-level reporting. 

For example, once the Singular SDK is initialized, Singular will automatically report: installs, sessions, DAU and retention. The revenue events described below still require in-app configuration. These events will be reported/ be available on a user-level and in aggregate.

Set up or view user-level events in the following places:

To learn more about events, see the Events FAQ and How to Track In-App Events.

Supported Auto-mapped Events

Event Name Description When It Is Tracked
__START__ Install Automatically tracked when the first session is sent through an SDK/S2S integration.  Keep in mind this event will ONLY be visible in BI Postbacks.
__SESSION__ Session Automatically tracked when sessions are sent through an SDK/S2S integration.
__iap__ SDK Revenue Tracked if an SDK/S2S integration is reporting a revenue event through the revenue method, as long as the revenue event doesn’t have a custom name in the SDK configuration it will appear as _iap_
__REVENUE__ Any Revenue

Tracked if any revenue is reported, for example:

  • If an __iap__ event is triggered
  • If the SDK reports an ad revenue event
  • If you are reporting revenue via S2S with an event name like "purchase".
  • If you are reporting other revenue events such as "refund" or "offline purchase"

Note: We do not recommend sending postbacks for this event if you are already sending postbacks for __iap__ or other revenue events, as you may end up reporting duplicate revenue.

__UNINSTALL__ Uninstall Automatically tracked if uninstall is enabled for your iOS or Android app, and at least one uninstall has been tracked. If an uninstall is detected for a device, it is triggered once a day.
__REINSTALL__ Reinstall Automatically tracked if uninstall is enabled via the SDK/S2S. If an __UNINSTALL__ for a device is tracked, and then a subsequent __SESSION__ is triggered, the __REINSTALL__ event is also triggered


Aggregated Event Reporting

Furthermore, there are automatically generated aggregate-level events based on the SDK/S2S events mentioned above. Although not visible in the Events section, you'll encounter these events in reports. They include:

Session based events:

  • Installs - this will track the first session for unique devices
  • Re-engagement- this will also depend on your settings in Partner Configuration, but it will track each time a user has a session, regardless of it being the first session.
  • DAU - a daily count of users that had a session on a given day
  • Retention - the percentage of users that installed (had their first session) came back and had another session

Revenue events:

  • Revenue - this will track IAP, custom revenue events and subscriptions.
  • Admon Revenue - this will track ONLY revenue generated from ad monetization events
  • Total Revenue - this will track all revenue events