Overriding a Link Destination URL [Legacy Tracking Links]

Note: This article deals with Singular's legacy tracking links. For help using the new Singular Links, see the Singular Links FAQ.


Tracking Links use destination URLs to manage all of the different URLs a user can land on. To change the destination URLs for an app's tracking links, you would usually go to Settings > Apps in the Singular platform. However, if the need arises to override a destination URL through the tracking link itself, you can do so using the murl parameter.

Note: The URL created using this method will be used for all users, regardless of their platform and install state. Use this method only if absolutely necessary.

To override a tracking link's destination URLs:

  1. URL-encode your Destination URL. For example, the deep link apidmgr://forget_device results in the encoded URL apidmgr%3A%2F%2Fforget_device.
  2. Append the following parameter to your SmartTag:

    &murl=<encoded URL from step 2>

    For example, you can update a SmartTag to send all users to the deep link from step 2 above:

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