Adikteev Attribution Integration

Learn about Singular's integration with Adikteev for App Retargeting. Adikteev is an ad-tech company focusing on in-app retargeting and engagement advertising. Our integration supports click and view-through mobile install and re-engagement attribution. (See more here on how Singular attributes installs and re-engagements.)

Singular also has an integration with Adikteev for Churn Prediction. If you want to run that campaign, please select "Adikteev Cross Promotion" in Singular. 



Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner Adikteev (App Retargeting)
Partner Type Ad Network
Click Tag Supported
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Supported
S2S Not Supported
Creatives Supported
Publisher Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported


  1. Integrate the Singular SDK (see instructions).
  2. Ensure that your Singular Account has all re-engagement attribution windows enabled by Singular Support. Those attribution windows are:
    • deterministic re-engagement view-through window: recommended 1 day
    • probabilistic re-engagement click-through window: recommended 7 days
    • probabilistic re-engagement view-through window: 1 day
    • deterministic re-engagement click-through window: 7 days (see note below)

Note: the deterministic re-engagement click-through window will be set when you set up a postback in Singular's UI. This will default to 7 days, but you can change the window used (up to 30 days) when creating a campaign Tracking Link.


Setup Instructions

In your Singular Account, navigate to the ATTRIBUTION menu to set up postbacks for sending installs and in-app event data and creating tracking links to run a campaign with Adikteev.

1. Send postbacks:

Select Partner Configuration --> Add Partner or choose to review/edit an existing Partner Configuration after review Partner Configuration & FAQ.

It is important to check the boxes to enable sending Re-engagement and View-through postbacks. 

2. Set up a campaign tracking link:

Select Manage Links --> Create Link and choose:

  • Link Type: Partner
  • Source Name: Adikteev

Configure the rest of the settings, such as the tracking link/ campaign name and where the user should be directed. 


Under Attribution Settings, you can choose to "Override attribution windows" which are set at the time of creating the Partner Configuration.