Digital Turbine Media Attribution Integration


The following article details Digital Turbine's unified attribution integration with Singular, presented as "Digital Turbine Media" within the Singular platform. This unified integration combines previously separate integrations from Digital Turbine, Single Tap, etc. If you are currently utilizing one of the non-unified integration, please contact your Digital Turbine POC for further assistance to understand when to migrate.

Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner Digital Turbine Media
Partner Type Ad Network
Creatives N/A
Publisher N/A
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Supported
Click Tag Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported


  1. Integrate the Singular SDK (see instructions).
  2. Get your Offerwall APP ID from your Digital Turbine POC. If you do not have an Offerwall APP ID, specify "N/A" in Singular's Partner Configuration.


Setup Instructions

1. Configure Digital Turbine Media as a Partner in Singular

To set up Digital Turbine Media as a partner:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Attribution > Partner Configuration and click Add a Partner. Then start typing "Digital Turbine" and select "Digital Turbine Media" from the dropdown list. Do not configure "Digital Turbine", which is the configuration for the older preload integration.
  2. In the configuration window, select the app and app site for which you want to configure Digital Turbine Media.
  3. Select in-app events to send to the partner.

    • Under Event Postbacks, click "+" to add a new event.
    • Select one of the events reported by the Singular SDK in your app.
    • If the event involves revenue, check the Send Revenue checkbox.
    • Repeat for all of your events.
    • Singular and Digital Turbine Media recommend the following postback settings:
      Include View-Through Attributions Enable Enable attribution based on ad impressions in addition to ad clicks.
      Send event postbacks to Digital Turbine Media for all Installs Enable Notify Digital Turbine Media about all in-app events, regardless of whether or not the event was attributed to Digital Turbine Media.
  4. In the Offerwall APP ID box, enter your Offerwall APP ID.

2. Create the Singular Tracking Link

To generate a tracking link:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Attribution > Manage Links and click Create Link.
  2. Under Source Name, select "Digital Turbine Media".

  3. Configure the rest of the link by selecting the desired app site and redirect options as usual. See the Singular Links FAQ for help. When you're done, click Generate.