Goal Management FAQ

Learn how to use the Goal Management page to manage your mobile advertising budget and ensure you're not over- or under-spending.


What's the purpose of the Goal Management page?

The Goal Management page (Analytics > Goals) lets you set a planned ad spend for a time period, optionally dividing it by app, platform, ad network, or country. After you set a goal, you can use the Reports page to track your actual spend against the plan.

How do I add a new goal?

To add a goal, go to Analytics > Goals, click the New Goal button, and fill in the details. Note that you can go more granular and add specific budget breakdowns by app, platform (OS), ad network, or country. Then you can enter a planned budget for each level.


How do I track my run rate and budget?

After you configure a goal, you can use the Reports page to view your run rate and budget against the goal. This way you can assess if you are over- or under-spending considering the percentage of the goal period that has elapsed.

To track your run rate, go to the Reports page and go to the Goal tab. Select the goal you want to track and the metrics you would like to compare your goal to.


What do the goal metrics and forecasts mean?
Metric Description
Cost Goal The goal you've set in the Goals page.
Goal Complete (%) Cost so far divided by the cost goal.
Cost Forecast What your total cost is going to be if you keep the current spending pace.
Cost Forecast (%) How close you will be to your cost goal if you keep the current spending pace. The formula is: (Cost so far/days elapsed)/(Cost goal/total date range)

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