Amazon Ads Attribution Integration

Note: This integration is in beta. If you are interested in this integration, please reach out to your Singular customer success manager and Amazon representative.

Integration Summary

As an Amazon Mobile Measurement Partner, Singular allows app publishers to track Android app installs on Amazon Ads mobile app campaigns. Once an install has been verified by Singular, you can also track subsequent user engagement of these users in your mobile app.

Singular gets attribution data from Amazon Ads' self-attributing API. Due to Amazon's data-sharing policy, data about installs received from this API is only available in Singular aggregated reports.  See Data Sharing Policies for more information.

Note: Amazon Ads currently only supports mobile Android and Fire device attribution.

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner Amazon Ads
Partner Type Self-attributing ad network (Android only)
Creatives Supported
Publisher Supported
View-Through Supported for self-attributed installs and re-engagements
Deep Linking Singular's integration with Amazon does not use Singular tracking links (including Singular deep links)
Re-engagement Supported
Click Tag No (Self-attributing)
Receiving All Installs Recommended (Self-attributing)
Receiving All Events Recommended (Self-attributing)

Setup Instructions

To set up Amazon Ads attribution tracking for an application:



Set up Amazon Ads

Register the application on Amazon Ads. Details coming soon



Configure Amazon Ads as a Partner in Singular

  1. Go to the Amazon Ads dashboard. Find your Advertiser ID and copy it.

  2. In Singular, go to Attribution > Partner Configuration and type "Amazon Ads" in the search box.
  3. Select your Android app, and enter your Advertiser ID.


Specify Attribution Settings

  1. Enable View-through Attribution if you want to attribute view-through conversions from Amazon ads.
  2. Enable Re-engagement Tracking if you want to attribute re-engagement for existing app users that engage with a Amazon ad.
  3. Choose your Click-through attribution lookback window to specify how long an ad can be credited with an install.
  4. Save the integration.
    Note: By saving the Amazon Ads integration configuration here, Singular automatically tracks installs and sessions to Amazon. This corresponds to the MOBILE_APP_FIRST_START and OTHER events. You do not need to configure these events separately in step 4.

Send Event Postbacks to Amazon

Singular supports sending event notifications to Amazon with all of Amazon's requirements.


  • First, select which events to send to Amazon from the dropdown.
  • Next, map your In-app Events:

    • Select the event name on the left field, according to the name used in the SDK, and map the name to one of Amazon predefined conversion events.
    • Alternatively, choose "OTHER" if a predefined conversion event .
    • Check the "Include Revenue Value" checkbox if relevant. If not checked, only counts of the event will be sent.

Tracking Amazon Ads Attributions in Singular

After completing the steps above, you can see the results of your Amazon Ads mobile app campaigns in your Singular Reporting.

Data Mapping

Amazon values are mapped to Singular reporting dimensions as follows:

Singular Value Amazon Value Example
Tracker Campaign Name Campaign Name “MyCampaign”
Tracker Campaign ID Campaign ID 546678349717728000
Tracker Creative Name Creative Name "MyCreative"
Tracker Creative ID Creative ID 578390506122149000
Tracker Publisher Site Name Site Name xxxxxxx-Android Service


Partner Data Policies

As a Amazon Mobile Measurement Partner, Singular adheres to the following data handling requirements. 

Data Retention

Amazon user-level data is removed after 1 months of original attribution.  After 1 month, users attributed to Amazon are treated/marked as "Organic" and reflected as such in both aggregate and user-level reporting in Singular.

Data Access

To protect end-users' privacy, Amazon does not allow access to any user-level data that is based on self-attributed conversions. Any field normally identifying a self-attributed Amazon conversion is marked as "Unattributed".