Short Guide to Singular's iOS Reporting Options

Singular offers a range of reporting tools to help you analyze your iOS data effectively. Whether you're looking to dive into SKAdNetwork (SKAN) data, troubleshoot network integrations or compare traditional Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) attribution to SKAN-specific data, we have the tools to suit your needs.

SKAN Report

Where SKAdNetwork > Reports
  • Comprehensive view of your SKAdNetwork data
  • Events, revenue and other metrics are decoded based on SKAN raw data combined with campaign cost
  • SKAN Advanced Analytics metrics such as modeled cohort revenue bridge gaps caused by SKAdNetwork limitations
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SKAN Raw Data Report

Where SKAdNetwork > Raw Data
  • SKAN data in its raw form, such as raw conversion values
  • Data collected by Singular directly from SKAN-integrated partner networks
  • Use to troubleshoot network integrations and ensure your SKAN setup is functioning correctly
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Singular Analytics Report

Where Analytics > Reports
  • Metrics based on traditional (MMP) attribution
  • No data from the SKAdNetwork framework
  • Use to analyze network data such as cost and clicks along with MMP (tracker) data such as revenue where available
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Reports FAQ and Troubleshooting

iOS Summary Report

Where Analytics > iOS Summary Report
  • An additional resource provided by Singular
  • Presents SKAN reporting and MMP data side by side
  • Use to get a holistic view of your iOS campaigns' performance
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