Chartboost Attribution Integration

Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner Chartboost
Partner Type Ad Network
Creatives Supported
Publisher Supported
View-Through Supported for Installs
Re-engagement Supported
S2S Supported (Chartboost callback)
Click Tag Supported (Chartboost callback)
Receiving All Installs Not Supported
Receiving All Events Not Supported

Configuring Chartboost


  1. Integrate the Singular SDK (see instructions).
  2. Your Chartboost App Signature and App ID

1. Configure Chartboost as a Partner

See Partner Configuration for general instructions for setting up a partner.

Configure the Chartboost configuration by providing your Chartboost App Signature and App ID.  


When configuring optional Event Postbacks,  Chartboost supports receiving "__SESSION__" and revenue events.  Chartboost recommends that the "All" option be used when reporting those events.

2. Create the Singular Tracking Link

To track installs on Chartboost, you need one tracking link created in Singular and one callback created in Chartboost, for each app.

To get started, create a tracking link for your desired app for the partner Chartboost:


3. Create a Callback in Chartboost

The "Singular Callback" in Chartboost is used for any campaign you want to track. You create a callback for each app, and associate the callback to the tracking link created in Singular.

To create a callback:

  1. Log into Chartboost and select Tools > Callbacks.
  2. Select Add New Callback.
    • Slide Callback is to ON.
    • Name the Callback "Singular - App Name - Android - Callback" or "Singular - App Name - iOS - Callback".
    • Select "Advertiser" or "Publisher".
    • From the Template drop-down, select "Singular iOS Click" or "Singular Android Click".

  3. In the Required Information window, associate your callback with your Singular tracking link by copying your Singular Link.

  4. In App Selection, choose the 'click' option for each app to assign this callback.

  5. In Campaign Selection, choose the 'click' option for each campaign to assign this callback.

  6. Click Save.