Configuring Retargeting and Reattribution [Legacy Tracking Links]

Singular will deprecate the old tracking link management pages (Create Link, Create Custom Link, and View Links) on September 1, 2020. This means:

  • You will no longer be able to create new tracking links using the old (legacy) format. Instead, use the Manage Links page and take advantage of Singular's advanced new tracking link technology (see the Singular Links FAQ for help).
  • Any existing legacy links that are being used in campaigns will still function.
  • To view your existing legacy links, you can go to Attribution > Manage Links and toggle the Show Legacy Links switch in the top right corner.


Singular’s reengagement tracking gives you full control to:

  • Enable links for retargeting
  • Create reengagement postbacks for ad networks and third parties
  • And measure downstream effectiveness of reengagement campaigns along with your acquisition campaigns.

Reengagement tracking is available with ad network partners with reengagement offerings and targeted ads where the device ID is available.

Tracking Links for Reengagements

To track reengagement, turn on Enable Reengagement when you create a link for a partner.

Tip: To track reengagements with partners that don't officially support retargeting, you can enable it by adding "&re=1" to your tracking links. For example, if the original tracking link is:{aaid}&aif1={gps_adid_lower_sha1}&s={publisher}&idfa={idfa}&ifa1={idfa_upper_sha1}&cl={click_id}&cr={creative}&pc={campaign}&h=XXXXX

After adding "&re=1" you get:{aaid}&aif1={gps_adid_lower_sha1}&s={publisher}&idfa={idfa}&ifa1={idfa_upper_sha1}&cl={click_id}&cr={creative}&pc={campaign}&h=XXXXX&re=1

Partners that support reengagement campaigns will have additional options available in their “Partner Configuration” screen, as well when creating Links for them.

Postbacks for Reengagement Attribution

Partners that support reengagement campaigns have additional options available in their Partner Configuration screen.

Reengagement postbacks trigger when a successful reengagement to the partner has been tracked.

As a reengagement, e.g. treating the reengagement as an attribution event. Check "Enable reengagement Postbacks" option for supported partners


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