[NEW] Recommended Events by Vertical

The following lists contain the in-app events your app should report to Singular, based on the app's vertical. By reporting in-app events to Singular, you can measure KPIs that accurately reflect the performance of your app and marketing efforts.

We recommend using our standard event names and standard attributes whenever possible.

To learn about standard and custom events, see How to Choose In-App Events.

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Recommended events for ecommerce apps:

Event/KPI Implementation in Singular
Standard Event Name Standard Attributes to Pass
Add to Cart sng_add_to_cart Content, Content Type, Content ID
Add To Wishlist sng_add_to_wishlist Content, Content Type, Content ID
Checkout sng_checkout_initiated Content List, Payment Info Available, Quantity, Item Price
Complete Registration sng_complete_registration Registration Method
Product View sng_content_view Content Type, Content ID, Content
Category View sng_content_view_list Content List
Purchase / Order Success / Order Confirmed sng_ecommerce_purchase Amount, Currency
Login sng_login Success
Search sng_search Content Type, Search String
Subscription sng_subscribe Subscription ID
Coupon Applied No applicable standard event (implement as custom event)  
First Purchase
Order Canceled
Payment Failure
Payment Success
Remove from cart