How to Run Ad Revenue ROAS Campaigns

If you are tracking ad revenue attribution (user-level ad revenue) with Singular, you can run ad revenue ROAS-based campaigns with Singular's partners who accept ad revenue postbacks, including ironSource and Unity Ads.



Check Your Existing Configuration

In Attribution > Partner Configuration, under Event Postbacks, check your existing postback configuration for each partner. If you are sending other revenue postbacks to the partner (in-app purchase revenue postbacks):

  • Make sure the IAP revenue event is mapped to the proper event on the partner's end.
  • Make sure you are not using the __REVENUE__ event to send revenue data to the partner. This event sends all the revenue tracked by Singular. If you then add postbacks for user-level ad revenue, this will result in duplicate revenue events.

Configure Ad-Revenue Postbacks

In Attribution > Partner Configuration, under Event Postbacks, map the Singular event named __ADMON_ USER_LEVEL_REVENUE__ to the appropriate ad revenue event on the partner’s end.

To prevent duplicate data, double-check that you are using the correct custom revenue event that tracks in-app purchases and have it mapped to a separate event on the partner's end.

If the partner is Unity Ads, the mapping should be as follows:

SDK Event Unity Ads Event
__iap__ purchase

Special Instructions for ironSource

To set up Ad Revenue ROAS campaigns with ironSource, contact your ironSource and Singular customer success managers.


Why is Singular not listed as a supported MMP partner on Unity Ads’s documentation for AdROAS campaigns?

Unity Ads still has to perform intensive data checks for their reporting suite to ensure that data is flowing into all reports correctly. Given that this intensive audit on Unity Ads’s end is not yet complete, they cannot investigate discrepancies. 

What Singular event should I send to Unity Ads for an Audience PinPointer/ROAS campaign?

It depends on your games monetization and if you get IAP revenue, ad revenue, or both.

If you have a mix of both types of revenue, you can do a hybrid ad revenue + IAP campaign, or two separate campaigns targeting different revenue streams.

  • To send ad revenue, map the __ADMON_ USER_LEVEL_REVENUE__ SDK event to the ad_revenue event in Unity Ads.
  • To send in-app purchase revenue, map the __iap__ SDK event to the purchase event in Unity Ads.
How long do I need to wait before I can run the ROAS campaign?

See the Unity Ads guide for setting up ROAS campaigns. Unity Ads has an eligibility criteria of D7 in order to run a ROAS campaign. You can run a CPI campaign until you get enough data for the D7 criteria to be met. You can also continue to run a CPI campaign and have it feed the algorithm.