Zucks Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from Zucks and displays it in your reports.

Quick Details

Data connector technology API
Data breakdown (segmentation)


How far back we pull data No limit
Time zone JST
Does the partner offer data for today? Yes
Is data available on the creative level? Yes
Does Singular show your creative assets? No
Known limitations and issues Data will be available at 4 AM JST the next day. Requests for data before it's ready will return an empty response.

Data Mapping

For descriptions of each field in Singular reporting, see the Singular Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Zucks
Date date Report date
Network Campaign ID adn_campaign_id Order ID
Network Campaign Name adn_campaign_name Order name
Network Sub Campaign Name adn_sub_campaign_name Campaign name
Publisher ID publisher_id Campaign ID
Reported Type reported_type Delivery OS
Reported URL reported_url Drafting URL
Creative Name creative_name Creative name
Creative Reported URL creative_reported_url URL of the creative image
Creative Reported Type creative_reported_type Creative type
Network Creative ID adn_creative_id Creative ID
Network Clicks adn_clicks number of clicks
Network Impressions adn_impressions imp number
Network Installs adn_installs Number of CVs
Original Cost adn_original_cost Incurred amount
Video Views video_views Number of VTCV