Growth Trial FAQ

When you sign up for Singular, you receive a 30 day trial for Singular's Growth tier. Learn about the trial and the features available to you.

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Trial FAQ

What features are available during the trial period?

The following features are available during the trial period:

Team and Platform

Feature Sub Feature Availability
Team Management Admin User Yes
  Standard User Yes
  Restricted User No
Platform Support Android Yes



On Request

Integration Native Android SDK


  Native iOS SDK


  Unity SDK (iOS and Android)


  React Native SDK (iOS and Android)


  Native Web SDK

On Request

  S2S (iOS and Android)



Sub-Feature Availability
Install Attribution Yes
Re-Engagement Attribution Yes
In-App Events Yes
Revenue Events Yes
Partner Configurations Yes
Custom Partner Configurations No
Internal BI Yes
Advanced Internal BI Yes
Export Logs Yes, until the 1st of the previous month
Uninstall Tracking On Request


Sub-Feature Availability
Reporting Yes
SKAdNetwork Reporting Yes
Creative Reporting Yes
API Reporting Yes
Goals Yes
Alerts Yes
Data Connectors Yes, but file-based integrations are not included
Custom Events Yes, with a maximum of 12 slots
Cohort Periods Yes, with a maximum of 12 slots. Available periods: 1d, 7d, 14d, 30d, 90d, 360d, LTV
Custom Dimensions Yes
CPI Table Yes
Partner Fee Table Yes
Tracker Data Connectors No

Other Features

Feature Sub-Feature Availability
Ad Fraud Prevention All Fraud Reports Yes
  Global Rules Yes
  Custom Rules No
ETL Campaign Aggregated ETL On Request
  Ad Monetisation Aggregated ETL On Request
  Attribution User Level ETL On Request
  Ad Monetisation User Level ETL On Request
Audiences   No
Ad Monetization Ad Monetization Analytics On Request
  Ad Monetization ROI - AppLovin MAX, IronSource, Interpolation On Request
  Ad Monetization ROI - AdMob On Request
Why do I need to provide timezone and currency during sign-up?

When you sign up for Singular, the organization created for you is customized for your local timezone and preferred currency.

How do I get help with setup and onboarding?

Our Complete Onboarding Guide walks you through setup step by step. For further help, browse our help center or open a support ticket.

How do I get help with Singular's different plans?

Click the upgrade button and Singular will contact you.

Can users sign up more than once?

No. The user may receive an email intimating that they already have an account. For sign-up issues, contact Singular Support.

Can multiple users from the same organization sign up as different organizations?

No. If you already have a user who has signed up for Singular, you will be unable to sign up and will receive an email notifying you to contact them.

What happens after the trial is over?

The trial period is 30 days. After 30 days, the organization will automatically be converted to a free account. Free account holders do not have access to Singular Support, but still get a wide variety of features in the Singular platform. Compare Singular's Free, Growth, and Enterprise plans.