S2S Support for Conversion Models FAQ

Singular offers S2S support for SKAdNetwork conversion models for customers who have integrated both the Singular S2S and a Singular SDK.


What is S2S Support for conversion models?

Singular helps you use the full spectrum of events and benefit from all the functionality of SKAN conversion models. This feature is aimed at clients who have an SDK and an S2S integration and want a conversion model that incorporates both types of events.

When you use this solution, the Singular SDK handles the conversion value update for the client for both SDK events and S2S events.

  1. For SDK events, Singular evaluates the event and updates the conversion value on the device using Apple's framework.
  2. For S2S events, Singular evaluates whether the event is part of a SKAN model. If it is, Singular stores it on our servers until we receive an event from the SDK. At that point, we update the conversion value with all past SKAN event information.


How do I enable S2S Support for conversion models?

To enable the feature, contact your Customer Success Manager or the Singular support team.

Can I use this feature in SKAN manual mode?

No. This feature was built to support SKAN managed mode.

Do we need to change our S2S calls to add conversion values?

No, you do not need to update your calls. They will remain the same.

Do our servers need to know our SKAN model?

No, Singular manages your SKAN conversion model.

When should we send our S2S events?

We recommend you send the events as close to real-time as possible, as SKAN requires the app to be open to update the conversion model. One of the limitations of SKAN is a limited conversion update window.

What happens if we do not send an event from the SDK and the SKAN window closes or the user never reopens the app?

In the described situations, we will not be able to update the conversion value.

We are only integrated via S2S. Can we use this feature?

No, this feature requires the Singular SDK to be part of your apps.