Vungle Ad Monetization Data Connector

Setting Up Vungle


Quick Details

Data connector technology API (Vungle API documentation)
Data breakdown (segmentation) Country
How far back we pull data 2017-01-01
Time zone  
Does the partner offer data for today? Yes
Known limitations and issues None

Data Mapping

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Field Name in Singular Web UI Field Name in Singular API & Data Destinations (ETL) Field Name in Network
Instance ID adn_instance_id placement_reference_id
Instance Name adn_instance_name placement_name
Network App Name app_name application_name
App Internal ID app_internal_id application_id
Country country_field country
Platform reported_type reported_type
Ad Revenue actual_revenue cost
Ad Impressions impressions impressions
Ad Clicks clicks clicks
Completed Video Views completed_video_views completes