ayeT-Studios Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from ayeT-Studios and shows it in your reports.


Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API
Data breakdown (segmentation)

The data can be broken down by the following dimensions:

  • Country
  • Platform
  • Campaign
  • Publisher

For more information, see the Data Mapping table below.

How far back we pull data No limitation
Time zone UTC
Is data available on the creative (ad) level? No
Does Singular show your creative assets? No

Data Mapping

Tip: For more information about any field in Singular reporting, see the Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in ayeT-Studios
App ID site_public_id packageName
Campaign URL
adn_campaign_url redirectURL
Country country_field targetCountries
Network Campaign ID adn_campaign_id campaignId
Network Campaign Name adn_campaign_name identifier
Platform platform platform
Publisher ID
publisher_id source
Publisher Site Name publisher_site_name placementSource
Network Clicks adn_clicks clicks
Network Impressions adn_impressions impressions
Network Installs adn_installs conversions
Original Cost adn_original_cost costUSD