How to Create an Audience Segment to Retarget Lapsed Users


Prerequisites Have your data connectors and apps set up.



Create a Lapsed Users Segment

An audience segment helps you identify a group of users for retargeting.

  1. In the Singular platform, go to Audiences > Segments.
  2. Click the Lapsed Users shortcut button.
    The New Audience Segment dialog pops up with preset settings.
  3. Change the Name and Description fields to reflect the segment you’re targeting.
  4. Select the app whose users you want to target in the App field.
  5. (Optional) Use the Location, Device Model, and OS Version fields to further filter your target audience.
  6. Review the preset Session Filter and click Save.
  7. Verify that your new segment is listed in the Audience Segments table.



Activate the Segment in a Distribution

Once you create your segment, you are ready to send it for distribution via your ad partners.

  1. Navigate to Audiences > Distributions.
  2. Click the ad network in which you want to target your created segment.
    The Network Configuration dialog pops up.
  3. Under Segment Configuration, find the segment you created and expand it.
  4. Toggle the Enable this Segment button and click Save.

To modify which ad is shown to your segment, use your ad network’s service platform.