How to Send SKAdNetwork Postbacks to Singular (iOS 15+)

Starting with iOS 15, app developers have the option of sending all SKAdNetwork postbacks to a single endpoint (in addition to the existing network postbacks).

By sending all your postbacks to Singular, you will allow Singular to aggregate, standardize, and report on SKAdNetwork postbacks for all your partners - including partners who don’t forward postbacks yet.

In addition, Singular will be able to validate all postbacks, including conversion values that are not signed by Apple, and compare SKAdNetwork postbacks received directly to those forwarded by partners.

For more information, see Apple’s Developer documentation and our blog post on iOS 15 and SKAdNetwork postbacks.


To forward SKAdNetwork postbacks to Singular for iOS 15+ devices:

  1. In the Xcode project navigator, select Info.plist.
  2. In the property list editor, add a key and type the key name NSAdvertisingAttributionReportEndpoint (see Apple's documentation for details).
  3. Under Type, choose String.
  4. Type in the URL for Singular's BI endpoint:
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