Update to Facebook Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) within Singular

Facebook has recently announced its plan to deprecate Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM), which allows advertisers to access click-through conversion data through their MMP.

Access to Facebook AMM is expected to keep active until October 29, 2021. This change does not affect the data received by Singular who will continue to access device-level Facebook claim data before and after October 29, 2021. The Singular Dashboard will continue to report on de-duplicated attribution data whenever advertising IDs are available.


Why is this change happening?

Facebook is evolving and is deprecating its current iteration of the Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program that it has with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs). It is actively exploring new options to meet the needs of advertisers and is partnering closely with Singular and other MMPs.

How will Facebook data be attributed in the Singular dashboard?

Singular will continue to retain its access to Facebook claim data for both click-through as well as view-through-based claims, regardless of this change. This means that whenever advertising IDs are available, Singular will receive the claim data and will be able to de-dupe it against other marketing touchpoints.

Is all data being removed or only impression-based?

Impression-based data has already been removed since April 2020. This change will remove click-based data. 

What is the granularity that advertisers are going to have for aggregated Facebook conversion data?

Same as today, advertisers can access aggregated Facebook conversion data down to the ad level.

What is the impact on the advertiser's attribution models for advertisers who currently export raw data from Singular?

Advertisers will no longer receive device-level Facebook click-through data. Singular and Facebook recommend advertisers defer to the MMP for aggregated reporting. Note that moving forward, as your MMP, the Singular dashboard is the only aggregated report that will display deduped conversions.

Do we expect any effect following this change on campaign performance?

According to Facebook, there isn't any expected effect on campaign performance, as everything is staying the same on the ad delivery side. As your MMP, we are working closely with Facebook to ensure that this is indeed the case. We encourage you to reach out to your Facebook account manager with any performance observations and/or concerns.

Are there any workarounds for using granular data to inform custom audiences or create look-alike audiences?

All data use, whether AMM or aggregate data, is allowed for measurement purposes only.

Will Facebook or Singular offer anything new to replace this data?

We are expecting an additional update by the end of September. Facebook will be working closely with MMPs on new solutions.

Can I send additional customer data to Singular for reporting?

Yes, Singular supports multiple methods to allow advertisers to send back additional customer data. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or open a ticket by emailing support@singular.net to further explore these options.