How to Get Started with SKAdNetwork (For AppsFlyer Users)

Singular now offers SKAdNetwork reporting for customers who use AppsFlyer as their tracker.

Once you set up the appropriate API token (see Setup and Usage), your SKAdNetwork data will start appearing in the SKAdNetwork > Reports page.

This report will show SKAdNetwork installs based on SKAdNetwork install postbacks.

Setup and Usage


Get Your AppsFlyer API V2 Token

To see your SKAdNetwork data in Singular, you need to provide the AppsFlyer API token V2. You may have already provided this token to get data from AppsFlyer's Cohort API, but if not, you can get it now  (see instructions).


Enter the V2 Token in Singular

  • In Singular, go to Settings > Data Connectors
  • Find the AppsFlyer data connector in the list and click the edit icon.
  • In the AppsFlyer Configuration window, enter the API token V2 and click Submit.


Note: Once you enter the V2 token, Singular not only starts pulling SKAdNetwork data from AppsFlyer, but also starts pulling cohort data from AppsFlyer's Cohort API. This may affect your non-SKAdNetwork data.


Run SKAdNetwork Reports

Singular now starts pulling your SKAdNetwork data from AppsFlyer every day.

Once the next scheduled daily pull is complete (the day after you've set up the V2 token), you should be able to see the data in the SKAdNetwork > Reports page.

To run a SKAdNetwork Report:

  1. In Singular, go to SKAdNetwork > Reports.
  2. Select the dimensions (breakdowns) and metrics you'd like to see in the report and click Run Report.


Which date does the report go by - postback date or (estimated) install date?

Singular can't estimate the install date for SKAdNetwork installs managed by AppsFlyer. Therefore, the date shown is the date in which the postback was sent.

Note that this may cause discrepancies between the Singular report and the AppsFlyer report if your AppsFlyer dashboard goes by an estimated install date (of 2 days before the postback date).

Are the installs validated?

SKAdNetwork postbacks can be validated by running them through an Apple API, which helps prevent install fraud. To see if AppsFlyer performs this validation, check your AppsFlyer configuration. Singular shows the number of installs as reported by AppsFlyer. 

Can I see data about post-install events?

Post-install events are not available at this early stage of the integration, but will be available soon.

Is the report available by API or through data destinations (ETL)?

API access and data destinations will be available soon.

Why am I not seeing Apple Search Ads (ASA) data in this report?

Apple Search Ads does not use SKAdNetwork - it has a different mechanism for measuring campaigns. The data for ASA campaigns is available in your regular reports, even for iOS 14.5+ devices.