Data Delay Alerts FAQ

Learn how to get automatic alerts via email or Slack if any of your data is not available by the usual time.


What is a data delay?

Singular pulls your data every day from your partner networks. We aim to make all of yesterday's data available every morning by 8 a.m. local time (see Data Freshness and Update Times).

Occasionally, some data is not available by that time, either because of technical issues on the network's side, problems logging into the network, or a number of other reasons.

You can log into Singular and go to Settings > Data Connectors to see the current status of all your data connectors and whether any of them are experiencing delays.


Learn more in the Data Connectors FAQ.

What do I do when there's a data delay?

In some cases, a data delay requires your action (e.g., to provide updated credentials). If so, Singular specifies what you need to do.

But in most cases, if there's a data delay, Singular is already retrying the data pull automatically, and/or the Singular team is investigating the issue. When possible, we give an estimate of when the data will be available by. All you need to do is check back to the Data Connectors page for the status update.

How can I be notified automatically about data delays?

If you want to be alerted when any of your data is delayed, you can:

Request to be notified by email:

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Singular support for details.

[NEW] Set up Slack notifications:

Singular can send you a daily update on Slack showing if any of your data connectors are experiencing delays, as well as if any of them require action on your part. You can receive the notification as a direct message or to a Slack channel.

To set this up, go to Settings > Data Connectors and click Alert me on Slack:

Here is a sample slack update showing different types of data delays:


Where can I check the status of my data?

You can always go to Settings > Data Connectors to see the updated status of your data connectors.

If there was an unknown problem pulling the data, but Singular has since found the source of the issue, the page will be updated with more details and an estimate of when the data should become available.

You can also see when data was last pulled from that network and when the next pull is scheduled.

Learn more in the Data Connectors FAQ.

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