Submitting App Privacy Details (Nutrition Labels) to the App Store

Starting December 8, 2020, Apple requires app developers to describe their app’s privacy practices, including the practices of any third-party partners that are integrated into the app, when submitting new apps or app updates.

This guide will help you to submit information about your Singular-integrated app.

For more information, see App privacy on the App Store (Apple) and How to enter information in App Store Connect (Apple).

Background: Why is This Required?

Apple has updated the app submission process so that end-users can learn about each app's privacy practices before they decide whether to download it. Privacy information includes any types of data the app may collect and whether that data is used to track the user.

When you submit a new app or an app update, you will be required to fill an App Store Connect questionnaire related to your app's privacy practices - including the practices of any third-party vendors whose code is integrated into your app, such as Singular.

Important: Guidelines on this page do not constitute legal advice you may need your legal and privacy teams to provide.

Before You Begin

Keep the following in mind:

  • Singular and the Singular SDK are configurable in terms of the data you send us and how we use it. Make sure you're using Singular's latest SDK version, and identify the types of data that you've configured Singular to receive before answering the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire covers all privacy-related data collections and uses, not only the ones applicable to the Singular SDK.
  • Your app’s privacy practices must follow the App Store Review Guidelines and all applicable laws.
  • Going forward, if you make changes to the data you collect, you will have to update your responses in App Store Connect accordingly.

Submitting the Types of Data

The following table describes the default data collection behavior of the latest Singular SDK which you can reference when compiling your answers. Note that almost all data collected by Singular is optional, and subject to app developers choice, including providing opt-in or opt-out options for users.

Data type Is it collected by Singular? Additional comments
Contact Info
Email Address
Phone Number
Physical Address
Other User Contact Info
No -
Health and Fitness
No -
Financial Info
Payment Info
Credit Info
Other Financial Info
No -
Location Info
Precise Location
Coarse Location
No -
Sensitive Info No -
Contacts No -
User Content
Emails or Text Messages
Photos or Videos
Audio Data 
Gameplay Content
Customer Support
Other User Content
No -
Browsing History No -
Search History No -
User ID
Device ID
Optional User ID - You may decide to send User IDs to Singular using setCustomUserID.
Device ID - IDFA is collected when accessible.
Purchase History
Optional You may decide to use Singular to measure some or all purchase events.
Usage Data
Product Interaction
Advertising Data
Other Usage Data
Optional Product Interaction - Sessions and app launches are collected by Singular. Additionally, you may decide to send certain product interactions to Singular.
Advertising Data - Singular can be used for measuring ad revenue (for customers who use the ad monetization product). In that case, ad revenue events are sent to Singular.
Other Usage Data - Singular can be used for measuring other in-app events, as configured by the app developer.
Crash Data
Performance Data
Other Diagnostics Data
No -
Other Data
Other Data Types
Yes Singular collects some device information such as the OS and the type of the device (e.g., iPhone X), as well as network information such as the IP address and the user agent.
Singular also collects the IDFV.

Submitting Information about Data Use

In addition to the types of data you collect, you have to describe how your app uses the data that is being collected.

Data type Use by Singular
Third-Party Advertising Optional - select this if you share Singular data with a third party to display third-party ads in your app.
Developer’s Advertising Optional - select this if you display first or third-party ads in your app.
Analytics Yes
Product Personalization Optional - select this if you use data for any product personalization, such as landing page customization.
App Functionality Yes
Other Purposes Optional - select this if you use data for any other purpose not stated previously.

Submitting Information about Data Linked to the User

Finally, you are required to specify whether data types collected through Singular are linked to the user's identity.

Since Singular collects the IDFV and, when accessible, the IDFA, select Yes when asked if the data is linked to the user's identity.